4th Annual ‘Turkey Awards’ in New Hampshire Politics

4th Annual Turkey Awards in NH. Photo by Kimberly Morin

Now that the tryptophan has worn off and you’re awaiting the next big holiday, it’s time to talk about some other turkeys in New Hampshire. No, not the ones gobbling around on the streets in your neighborhood but the ones gobbling around New Hampshire politics.

Each year for the past few years, Political Buzz editor Kimberly Morin has chosen a list of “turkeys” in New Hampshire politics based on articles written over the past year. This list isn’t all inclusive, there are plenty of others out there but it’s a list of those who deserve special attention for their “turkey” behavior.

tur·key- something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful
turkey (n) a loser; an uncoordinated, inept, clumsy fool
a tool; a person who is not in with current culture and slang or is just generally uncool.

Your pets would suffer

This year’s turkey awards starts off with one of the more stupid pieces of legislation in the state, where they wanted veterinarians to look up information on humans when adding animal prescriptions into the “druggie database.” Vets fought against the legislation since they are not certified to actually make any medical determinations about humans. This legislation would have literally hurt people’s pets.

There are always multiple gun control bills brought to the legislature by the usual suspects, Democrats, but one has been repeatedly brought forth by Katherine Rogers (D-Concord) and was not only written by a California gun control organization but literally would have turned law-abiding citizens into criminals.

A majority of people in the Granite State want Right-to-Work legislation to pass, including union members but Republicans jumped the shark on this one and once again made it so worker freedom failed. Credit goes to unions for pushing union hack Republicans in the state house. This is why voters need to really pay attention to who they are electing.

Andru Volinsky – religious bigot

Religious Bigotry, Snow, Clowns and Trans Lies

Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky earns a turkey award for turning Frank Edelblut’s nomination hearing for Commissioner of Education into the single biggest witch hunt of the decade. Not only was Volinsky’s religious bigotry alarming but his hypocrisy that he cares about public schools, absolutely ridiculous. It was discovered that Volinsky sent his own children to an elite private school in New Hampshire, all while the man rails against school choice for poor children.

Raymond elected and appointed officials each get a turkey award. These people are an embarrassment to the good citizens who live in the town and even when they were outed for their behavior of ignoring past due taxes, citizens started paying attention. So much so that one appointed official called these people “clowns” who are laughed at when the cameras stop rolling.

Extreme left-wing out-of-state organizations flew on their turkey wings into New Hampshire to push a “gender identity” bill based on lies that transpeople don’t already have the same protections against discrimination as everyone else in the state. Not only did they smear Granite Staters but they based the entire legislation on a lie and some fell for it in the state. Tune in because some ‘Republicans’ have signed onto a new “gender identity” bill based on the same exact lies.

Remember the big kerfuffle about local elections last year because of *gasp* SNOW in the State of New Hampshire? The New Hampshire Municipal Association earns a turkey award for being the fools who told cities and towns they could change elections, despite the Secretary of State telling them otherwise. You should be aware they have zero authority to do any such thing. They are nothing but lobbyists.

Kenogarten, Hypocrisy, Elderly and White Supremacists

Republicans who pushed for full-day kindergarten get a turkey award as well. If local cities and towns want full-day kindergarten, they should vote on it and pay for it themselves. It’s nothing but glorified daycare but some Republicans jumped on board to have the state pay for the decisions of cities and towns. Of course, it is based on Keno receipts so it’ll be interesting to see how that pans out.

Only ‘Love’ if they didn’t vote for Trump

In January, angry women across the Granite Stater gathered to hold a “Women’s Unity Rally” because Donald J. Trump was elected President. They earn a turkey award for the massive feathers of hypocrisy that were on display during the event.

These women don’t seem to know what actual rights are and they spent years ignoring the serial sexual assault and rape claims against Bill Clinton and revered Teddy Kennedy, a man who left a woman to drown to death because his political career was deemed more important to him. They want YOU to “Love your Neighbor” all while they hate anyone who voted for Trump.

Manchester Alderman Chris Herbert is a turkey for wanting to throw the elderly out of their homes. It never crossed Herbert’s mind that the taxes are too damn high in the city, he’d rather keep raising them so the elderly can’t afford to pay or stay in their homes. The worst part? It’s all on video:

Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democrat Party, is a turkey all year round but he earns a special turkey award for calling rural, disaffected voters, “white supremacists.” He’s the poster child for how out-of-touch Democrats are in the state.

Reporters, Racism, Hot Dogs, a Pajama Boy and Handmaid Harpies

Remember the Associated Press reporter who attended a Republican dinner, as a “guest” and then lied about the dinner? Yeah, she earns a turkey award as well.

Zandra Rice-Hawkins, director of the out-of-state funded Granite State Progress, earns a turkey award for claiming factual comments by a New Hampshire State Representative were “racist” when in fact, there was nothing racist about the comments. Rice-Hawkins lies on a regular basis, it’s unclear who is the bigger turkey – Democrats for pushing her lies or the press for ever giving her the time of day.

NH Rep Debra Altschiller hates helpless animals.

This year, John Burt’s annual “Hot Dog Day” was marred by ignorant, angry left-wing women in the New Hampshire State House because they believe hot dogs are somehow a phallic symbol. Debra Altschiller (D-Stratham) was upset that representatives dared to help homeless, abused animals in shelters around the state. For that, she earns a turkey award.

You probably never heard of Jeremy Paris. He was recently elected as a Manchester Selectman. He called a sitting female state representative a “c*nt” because she disagrees with his views. He’s not only a turkey but he’s a typical left-wing pajama boy, always teetering on the edge of violence, always abusing women who don’t fall in line with his extreme views. Not to mention, he’s a liar.

NH Handmaids

If you want to read one of the worst books ever written, read The Handmaids’ Tale by Margaret Atwood. Not only is it poorly written but the story makes absolutely no sense. This is probably why left-wing women in New Hampshire decided to emulate the book by dressing up as Handmaids to protest women having the right to seek justice against those who kill their unborn children.

An extra-special turkey award goes to the “man” who dressed up as a handmaid because they probably couldn’t find enough fools to play their little dress-up game.

These “women” never stand up for actual women’s rights but seek to push an extreme left-wing agenda. An agenda that actually infringes upon the real rights of women.

Golden Turkey of the Year Award

For the first time since its inception, there is a tie for the Golden Turkey of the Year Award. New Hampshire House Representative Sherry Frost (D-Dover) was a front runner beginning in January of last year when she called state senators “f*ckers” for voting differently than she would. She seems to have quite the big mouth on social media but remained silent when was brought before the ethics committee for her atrocious behavior, including lambasting citizens who dare to read testimony during her committee hearings and claiming to be “homicidal” against fellow state representatives who again, vote differently than her.

Sherry Frost marginalized NH Citizens; Is too cowardly to face her ethics hearing because of it.

The second winners of the Golden Turkey of the Year Award go to none other than the New Hampshire Democrat Party. They changed the name of their annual dinner from Jefferson-Jackson (because they were slave owners) to Kennedy-Clinton. It didn’t matter that both men were womanizing philanderers nor that Bill Clinton was not only accused by multiple women of sexual assault but was also accused of rape.

Given the outpouring of accusations coming from women about high-powered men across the country, and all the “wokeness” of the far left, you’d think New Hampshire Democrats would have known better than to rename their dinner after Bill Clinton. Alas, they never believed those women.