profilephotoKAMKimberly Morin has been writing about politics since December 2008. She first began writing for political blogs and then became the Boston Conservative Independent Examiner. Upon fleeing Massachusetts for New Hampshire in 2011, Morin became the Manchester Political Buzz Examiner. Examiner has switched to being an ‘entertainment’ site so New Hampshire Political Buzz was born.

Morin’s work has been cited in books, media, news and even used in a federal lawsuit against the Obama Administration.

She is a lifelong Independent who has never been a member of any political party. Her goal is to spread the truth; out the lies and expose the corruption of government and elected officials, regardless of their party affiliation. Morin seeks to provide the news that the main stream media doesn’t report. She is a political activist and commentator who doesn’t mince words.

From investigative journalism exposing corruption to outing the lies told by politicians and political candidates, Morin shares this information with voters and the public so they can make informed decisions when heading to the ballot box. Facts Matter.

Morin also speaks around the state about local politics and activism. She provides social media training for organizations as well as political candidates.

Morin’s work can currently be found at Granite Grok, The Federalist Papers Project, Same Page Nation and the Heartland Institute.

She resides in the sea coastal region of New Hampshire with her husband and two English bulldogs, Lily and Tank, who keep her amused while she researches and writes.


Contact: NHPoliticalBuzz@gmail.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/conservativeind