Another NH gun control bill that will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals

Democrats want to enable criminals in NH

On Wednesday, the full house is expected to vote on yet another gun control bill being pushed by Democrats, House Bill 350. This is a bill prohibiting a firearm at a polling place. There doesn’t seem to be an actual reason for this bill. There doesn’t actually seem to be a problem that needs to be solved with this bill. It’s just another gun control bill that Democrats are pushing to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.

Since the very first election in New Hampshire, Granite Staters have been carrying firearms to the polls. It didn’t matter where the polling stations were nor if they were in schools. New Hampshire residents who have pistol/revolver licenses are always allowed to carry firearms concealed on school property.  For some reason, despite there never having been an issue with this, Democrats are pushing to put an end to law-abiding citizens practicing their 2nd Amendment right.

As usual, Democrats seek to push gun control measures that do absolutely nothing for gun safety and everything to control law-abiding gun owners. They’ll never admit their draconian law will actually woo criminals to these new “gun free zones” because they consistently push laws that enable criminals all while hurting law-abiding citizens of New Hampshire.

The backwards legislation was voted “Inexpedient to Legislate” out of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee but rumor has it Democrats are hell bent on passing one of their terrible gun control bills this session. No one should vote for this bill who actually cares about New Hampshire Citizens and their safety but Democrats have shown over and over again that they care little for the safety of the people they represent.  Representative John Burt speaking for the majority:

This bill seeks to repeal the rights of law-abiding NH citizens to carry a loaded firearm discretely in any polling place primarily because many NH schools serve as polling places during local, state and national elections. The bill would make violation of it by law-abiding citizens – and even law enforcement officers – a Class B felony. It is a poor solution in search of a non-existent problem.

No legislation should be passed that isn’t solving some type of problem that doesn’t exist. No legislation should be passed that will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. And certainly no legislation should be passed that enables criminals to seek out innocent victims who cannot protect themselves. Democrats, once again, as with House Bill 201, should be ashamed of themselves for pushing legislation that does nothing but turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.