ANTI-School Safety Proponents Push Gun Control in NH Education Bill

Anti-School Safety proponents are pushing the most overreaching and egregious gun control yet.

By Kimberly Morin

Today, a hearing was held before the New Hampshire Senate Education Committee on an amendment to Senate Bill 357 (SB 357 – irony noted), AN ACT relative to safe school zones and relative to syringe service programs. The purpose of the legislation appears to allow a syringe program if requested by a school district.

Democrat Senator Martha Hennessey (District 05) is the sole sponsor of the amendment which attempts to give local school boards the ability to put gun control laws into place:

Allowing school boards to determine whether or not to prohibit the possession of firearms in A safe school zone.

Essentially, this amendment, if it were to pass, could cause law-abiding citizens to become criminals dependent solely upon decisions made by a local school board which would differ from school district to school district.

During the testimony, the anti-school safety proponents mostly mentioned gun control and how they personally feared firearms and didn’t want any firearms on school grounds at all, not even to protect students. It was a tad ironic given they were providing this testimony at the state house which is protected by armed guards.

Under current law, only the state legislature can make laws regarding firearms. Under current federal law known as the Gun Free Zone Act, those who have pistol/revolver licenses in New Hampshire, can carry firearms concealed on school grounds (note, that means law-abiding citizens).

None of the anti-school safety proponents acknowledge that over 98% of mass shooting take place their beloved gun free zones. Of course, facts don’t matter to them:

The fact that the government from top down completely failed in Parkland also means absolutely nothing to any of the anti-school safety proponents that testified for Hennessey’s amendment.

At the end of the hearing, Senator Reagan announced that of the testimony and emails received on the amendment – 232 responses were recorded – 200 were opposed to the amendment while 32 were for the amendment.

It seems, as usual, a majority of Granite Staters are against the false premise that gun control makes anyone safer. It might be because a majority of Granite Staters are armed with facts.