Bloomberg tries to buy Peggy Gilmour’s senate seat to push NY-style gun control        

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy Peggy Gilmour a NH Senate seat to push NY-style gun control

On Friday, NPR reported that spending in New Hampshire from out-of-state groups has ballooned to more than $6.5 million dollars this election cycle. One man, in particular, has been on quite the spending spree in the Granite State – New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg. The only reason Bloomberg would have his organizations spend millions of dollars in New Hampshire is to push New York-style gun control, as Democrat legislators promised at the end of the last session.

What exactly is New York-style gun control? Everytown explained that last year during a weekly protest in Exeter. Democrat legislator Skip Berrien made it quite clear that Everytown wants to push gun registration, confiscation and more gun free zones. From a previous article on Political Buzz:


Essentially Everytown believes in registration, confiscation and more gun free zones. They want to make it so the ‘gun culture’ of protecting oneself isn’t as prominent as it is today. How? By forcibly taking away people’s firearms and putting more laws into place that make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to indeed protect themselves. They clearly don’t know the current laws, including an actual lawmaker, and want to add laws that already exist. Everytown proponents are clueless shills for Bloomberg who are such hoplophobes they don’t even realize how asinine their own talking points sound.

How much is Bloomberg spending?

Bloomberg’s organizations have already paid Maggie Hassan back for her votes against Granite Staters to the tune of almost $2 million this cycle alone. Now he is trying to buy a senate seat for ousted former New Hampshire Senator Democrat Peggy Gilmour, running in Nashua against incumbent, Republican Kevin Avard. Bloomberg has spent almost $100,000 on ads against Avard. Avard voted to end almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination and abuse against Granite Staters by government employees. For that, Bloomberg created an ad that, as usual, isn’t quite honest.

The ad claims that Avard voted for people to keep hidden, loaded firearms in public without a permit. There are no permits in New Hampshire, they are pistol/revolver licenses. Anyone who is able to legally purchase and possess a firearm can open carry without getting a license from the state but they must get one in order to conceal carry. And Avard has been a stellar senator on other issues as well.

Bloomberg’s ad makes claims that aren’t true

In the ad, Everytown falsely claims that Police Chiefs were against concealed carry without a license because they believe it’s dangerous. That isn’t true. The New Hampshire Chiefs of Police Association was against it. This is an organization that is for gun control and gun bans and does not represent all police chiefs in New Hampshire. This is the same organization that was against open carry in Texas because they claimed THAT was too dangerous but concealed carry was okay. They seem to be a bit schizophrenic in their gun control lies.

What’s even more strange is that Bloomberg and Democrats even want to push gun control in New Hampshire considering it’s one of the safest places in the world. New Hampshire consistently has one of the lowest crime rates across the nation. Putting more gun control into place will only increase crime because it will be more difficult for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves (like in New York City and Chicago) while enabling criminals.

Bloomberg knows that Gilmour, who was such a horrible senator before that she was tossed out and Avard voted in, will vote for all of his New York-style gun control measures he plans on pushing in New Hampshire. Gilmour will pay him back just like the deal he made with Hassan. Bloomberg doesn’t actually care about New Hampshire or Granite Staters and apparently neither does Peggy Gilmour.