California gun control bill ‘shot down’ by NH House Committee

Draconian Gun Control Bill 'shot down' Photo by Kimberly Morin

Today the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee once again shot down a gun control bill brought forth by New Hampshire State Representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord). House Bill 201 (HB 201) is one that had been pushed twice before and failed both times. It was discovered during this push for the draconian legislation that it was actually written by a California gun control organization.

The bill would have turned law-abiding citizens into criminals while doing absolutely nothing to stop actual criminals from getting their hands on firearms. The legislation would have made it impossible for New Hampshire citizens to receive gun safety training because a simple transfer of a firearm would have turned them and their instructors into criminals if they did not get a background check first.

Rogers testified during the hearing that the bill was “designed to fill perceived loopholes in New Hampshire gun regulations,“ perceived being the key word. Rogers took California legislation to attempt to solve some “perceived” loopholes that do not exist in New Hampshire (or in California for that matter). From NHPR:

“The current system’s loophole is exploited by criminals,” Rogers says, “who can avoid background checks by purchasing firearms from unlicensed private sellers, often at gun shows, or through anonymous online transactions.”

Her false claims about gun shows and internet transactions have been debunked over and over again but that didn’t stop her from pushing this bill one more time. From a previous Political Buzz article:

This bill does NOT close any “gun show loopholes” because none exist. This bill does NOT close any “internet sales” loopholes because none exist. There are already federal laws on the books that dictate commercial firearm sales. There are already federal laws on the books that dictate internet sales. In each case, a person who is in the business of selling firearms must be licensed and conduct background checks. If a person purchases a firearm over the internet, that firearm must be sent to a federally licensed firearm dealer who then conducts a background check. It is against federal law for anyone to knowingly sell a firearm to a prohibited person, whether that sale is commercial or private.

In a bi-partisan fashion, the vote was 12-4, the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee rightfully voted “Inexpedient to Legislate” on this bill. Even most Democrats could see this legislation was not only draconian but would hurt New Hampshire citizens who actually want to get gun safety training.

You can view the results of the vote below: