Candia School Board Repeals Transgender Policy

Voters spoke in the last election and the new Candia SB pulled through.

By Steve MacDonald

Last night, by a 3-2 vote, the Candia School Board repealed a controversial Transgender Policy passed during the dark days of the Obama Administration, and it’s flirtation with threatening money for districts that did not comply with its wishes. A policy pushed on local school districts by the New Hampshire School Board Association.

Hadn’t you heard? That’s because no one is reporting this repeal except Rich Girard. If you search the RSS feeds of local media, you find nothing.

If you Google it, you get links to old stories about the passage of the policy followed by Rich’s show page for the Girard at Large Radio Program. AP? Google Alerts? Nope.

Freedom New Hampshire, the nationally funded group that ran a pressure campaign to get Candia board members to retain the policy has nothing to say about the vote as of lunchtime today. Nothing.

There’s no analysis of how this relates to the way Candia voted during last Novembers Presidential Election. No analysis of what it means for the 2018 statewide races. Not even a passing mention.

How much would you want to bet that had they voted to keep the policy it would be national news.

Instead, we get crickets. Why? They lost. Because after being forced on parents voters replaced two of the board members who supported the policy with two folks who voted to repeal it. And the out-of-state money made zero difference.

Those on the left who seem to think that their latest adventure in identity politics, based on a sliver of a fraction of the population will somehow win them traction in upcoming elections are the same folks who thought identity politics would win them the last election. They were wrong.

Among them is Nicole LaFamme one of the displaced board members voters kicked out in the last election. She calls this repeal vote, “a message of hate to our entire community.”

No. The community recognizes that it may need to do something in the future, but it needs to be a different solution from the one you shoved down their throats. Losing your election and your policy is not “hate” even if you hate them for it.

Rich Girard of Girard at Large talked about this in a segment this morning: