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Full-Day Kindergarten: NH Republicans have lost their minds

By Kimberly Morin Yesterday, the House Education Committee passed a ridiculous full-day kindergarten bill that actually increased the amount Governor Sununu wanted to spend from $9 million per year to over $14 million per year. The amendment was brought forth… Continue Reading →

OP-ED: Full day kindergarten should remain a local decision

The New Hampshire State Senate added an amendment to Senate Bill 191, a bill targeting education adequacy funding, in a move to support full day kindergarten funding. The time at which a child begins formal, full day education should be… Continue Reading →

Board of Education: Tom Raffio’s terrible treatment of NH parents

By Michelle Levell This week a video was posted of the state Board of Education meeting on Thursday, March 23, 2017. The agenda always allows public comment and states Board members will only ask clarifying questions but will not provide… Continue Reading →

NH Teachers Union spamming legislators to vote AGAINST children

By Michelle Levell The New Hampshire chapter of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is promoting a robo-petition intended to dissuade New Hampshire legislators from helping children get the education that is the right fit for them. This teachers union… Continue Reading →

School testing time in NH. Do you know your rights as a parent?

By Michelle Levell This week some schools in New Hampshire could begin administering statewide assessments. New Hampshire school districts administer the assessments from mid March through June. Currently they administer the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) to students in grades 3… Continue Reading →

NH Rep. John Mann thinks parents are too stupid to make educational decisions

By Michelle Levell Over the weekend, as you will see from the emails below, New Hampshire Representative John Mann (Democrat – Cheshire District 02), exposed how he really feels about parents actually making educational decisions for their own children. As… Continue Reading →

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