Children’s Scholarship Fund Celebrates Another Year of Success!

A donor meets a scholarship family at CSF's dinner/Photo by Kimberly Morin

By Kimberly Morin

On Thursday, the Children’s Scholarship Fund of New Hampshire (CSF) held their annual event honoring donors and celebrating the successes of children who have been the beneficiaries of scholarships provide through CSF through generous donations. The dinner was held at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord. It was the largest annual gathering in the organizations history.

At the helm was the always energetic Kate Baker, who knew every child’s name, every donor’s name and every parent’s name. Baker is genuinely enthusiastic about CSF’s cause to help children receive the education that works best for them and their families.

One of the recipients of a scholarship was Gabriel. He and his grandparents were the first guests to arrive and he made a point of thanking every donor he possibly could. He was truly thankful for the help he received to attend a school that fit his educational needs and he’s only a little boy. His grandmother Rebecca spoke at the dinner. It was an emotional and thankful speech for how far Gabriel has come since switching to a new school.

Rebecca spoke about the trouble Gabriel had in public school due to his autism which caused a learning disability and anxiety. Gabriel struggled at school and wasn’t getting the help he needed. She turned to the Children’s Scholarship Fund for help to send Gabriel to the Newport Montessori school where he has thrived since attending:

Disability awareness and compassion are part of the school curriculum. Montessori approaches the students in an individual way and understands that no one size fits all. Instead of an emphasis on grade level, children learn at their own speed and this reduces anxiety.

There was a mother in attendance who has nine children, several who are scholarship recipients. She started out by telling the crowd what her children had to say about their education now that they have switched to schools that fit their needs. Every word was written by her children and every word was positive. She brought three of her children to the event and they charmed every person in attendance.

Two teen girls also spoke about how much CSF has helped them to bloom at schools that met their educational needs. They are examples of young women who will indeed be future leaders.

The statistics from CSF speak for themselves. To date they have helped 525 New Hampshire children who have received scholarships to a tune over $1 million. Every household must contribute a percentage to a child’s tuition and the average family income of scholarship recipient’s is a little over $44,000.

Once again, the New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund proves how valuable their organization is to Granite State children. They couldn’t do what they do without the generous donations from private business owners and residents of the state. CSF is further proof that school choice is of the utmost importance to children from all walks of life.