‘Climate Change Cultists’ are losing their minds in New Hampshire

The Climate Change Cultists are in hysterics over useless Paris Accord

By Kimberly Morin

Today, the New Hampshire Democrat Party is still whining about the Trump Administration’s decision to get America out of the bogus Paris Climate Accord. They have been in hysterics for days since Trump’s announcement and can’t seem to get over the fact that Governor Sununu doesn’t buy into their Climate Change Cult either.

And that’s exactly what the climate change crowd is, a cult. They are much worse than a religious cult but that’s exactly how they behave. Their religion is junk science that has been debunked and outed as falsified for years. Their ‘God’ is either Al ‘ManBearPig’ Gore or Bill ‘not actually a scientist’ Nye. They rely on the government to shove their agenda down the throats of the American people and so far, the government has done a really bang up job of helping destroy jobs and waste lots of hard-earned taxpayer dollars on this cult theory.

The Paris Accord wasn’t even an actual agreement. It was a voluntary effort by countries to reduce their carbon emissions. This wasn’t signed by congress. It was signed by then Secretary of State, John Kerry, under the Obama Administration. Essentially the agreement would cost taxpayers billions of dollars that would be sent to foreign countries to help THEM clean up their environment. Sending billions to corrupt governments in other countries, no one has seen how that has worked out before right?

New Hampshire Democrats are losing their minds over this. They seriously can’t handle it:

The hysteria over this agreement has been heard far and wide around the world. Toronto Sun Columnist Candice Malcolm describes it perfectly:

The Paris Agreement is nothing but a lofty and symbolic United Nations initiative – one that facilitates smug liberal virtue-signaling, big government intervention in the economy and socialist redistribution of wealth.

It encourages hysteria and justifies greater government control over our lives.

The agreement would make rich countries poorer through punishing regulations and higher taxes, while providing handouts and freebies to developing countries – often with little or no plan for the environment.

The Climate Change Cult serves no actual purpose other than to extort money from taxpayers to feed their scientists who falsify documents and their buddies in the green energy fields. They have been screaming that the world is going to end for DECADES if the country didn’t do something. Nothing they have said has ever come true. Not. One. Thing.

And it’s not as if others don’t agree with a clean environment and working on all types of energy, they do, but innovation and invention need to occur, not forced subsidies of green energy products have often turned out to be epic failures.

Sununu is smart and clearly looking out for the best interests of Granite Staters. Democrats, on the other hand, want to steal more money from taxpayers all while killing their jobs and businesses with regulations that do absolutely nothing to alter the environment. And the hysteria will continue because that’s all Democrats seem to offer anymore, hysteria based on propaganda.