Dem women in NH House hate helpless animals as much as unborn babies

NH Rep Debra Altschiller hates helpless animals as much as she hates unborn babies. Hot Dog Day photo by Beth Scaer

By Kimberly Morin

On Thursday, Representative John Burt held his annual ‘Hot Dog Day’ at the New Hampshire State House. This event began several years ago and proceeds support helpless animals in animal shelters across the state. The event is sponsored by the Derry Humane Society and other organizations who also seek to help animals that are tossed aside by their owners.

Shelter animals are directly helped as a result of Hot Dog Day. Photo by Beth Scaer

The money raised helps to take care of these abandoned animals as well as to support adoptions for these animals into loving homes. There is nothing partisan about this event. It is one that is supported and attended by Republicans, Libertarians and Democrats, until last week.

Apparently, the faux feminists in the New Hampshire House of Representatives hate helpless animals as much as they hate unborn babies. After the vote on Senate Bill 66 (SB 66), a fetal homicide bill that seeks to provide justice for mothers whose unborn babies have been killed or murdered through a violent act, at least two misandrist Democrat State Representatives, Debra Altschiller and Sherry Frost, decided to turn an event to help helpless animals into some type of political ‘misogyny’ event.

These two women are bottom-of-the-barrel representatives in the House. They continually lie about legislation and are nothing but partisan political hacks who spew vitriol and hatred. How can anyone hate helpless animals? Clearly these two do and they hate them as much as they hate unborn babies.

The legislation they were upset about has nothing to do with abortion. It has nothing to do with the faux concept of ‘reproductive rights.’ As a matter of fact, in the state of New Hampshire, there currently ARE no ‘time’ limits on abortion, meaning a woman could easily get a late-term abortion. Abortion was specifically protected in this bill. The legislation has everything to do with a mother, who decides to birth her baby, seeking justice when that unborn baby’s life is taken from her by a criminal act. Of course, some Democrats voted to allow mothers to seek justice as well, not all hate unborn babies.

Apparently, Altschiller and Frost don’t believe it’s a woman’s right to seek justice in these cases. Only women who abort seem to have rights in their delusional minds. This is further proof that these women are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing. They continue to ‘cry wolf’ when none exists. They shout ‘MISOGYNY’ at anything and everything that moves if it has an R for Republican next to its name (male or female) and they absolutely abhor truth, justice or facts.

This was after the humiliating display of ignorance and stupidity with their ‘dress up’ show of The Handmaid’s Tale. These women continue to embarrass themselves, their districts, the legislature and other women in the state of New Hampshire with their childish, partisan and hateful behavior. They are indeed the only people in the entire house who could possibly hate helpless animals and turn a positive, non-partisan event into a hateful platform to push their misandry, propaganda and vitriol.