Democrats Admit Obama’s Presidency was a Failure

By Kimberly Morin

On Friday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) posted the Democrats’ weekly address featuring Representative Betty McCollum of Minnesota. In the address, McCollum hits on a number of topics, including the Democrats’ latest catch phrase “A Better Deal.”

McCollum states that “The American people expect Congress and the White House to do the people’s business.” She is absolutely correct in this statement which is why the American people fully expected the Republican-controlled Senate to repeal Obamacare, which is what a majority of Americans want. They failed thanks to progressive Republicans like John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.

Wages are stagnant for American workers

“For too many people, wages are not growing fast enough to keep up with the cost of living,” says McCollum.

Under the Obama Administration, the country saw a meager 2 percent growth in the economy. That barely put the economy’s head above water and certainly didn’t help Americans.

In 2016, Lifezette reported on the gloom of American’s wages under the Obama Administration:

In 2014, the last year for which data are available, and after six full years of Obama’s stewardship, median household income was $53,657. That’s nearly $4,000 lower, in constant 2014 dollars, than it was in 2007, the last year before the recession hit. And it was nearly $1,650 below 2008, the year before Obama took office.

Education is unaffordable

McCollum also states that “too often workers can’t afford education and training they need to secure better paying jobs.”

Student loans actually hit a record high under the Obama Administration. Students are leaving college with “an average of $28,950 in student loans” which is the “highest student loan burden ever.” This despite the fact that Obama and Democrats claimed they wanted to make college more affordable.

Drug company gouging

“Drug companies are gouging us with skyrocketing prescription drug prices,” says McCollum.

Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to take care of that issue? According to Fortune, “drug prices continue to rise uncontrolled.” Congress may hold hearings to shame drug makers on occasion but they’ve done nothing to actually control the increase of prescription drug prices.

Outdated infrastructure

McCollum goes on to say “And, across the country, our economy is being held back by outdated infrastructure and a widening digital divide.”

Didn’t Democrats pass an almost $1 trillion “stimulus” plan that was supposed to help update the outdated infrastructure McCollum is talking about?

Of course, it didn’t quite work out that way as U.S. News reported in 2009 “Here and there, people will notice things,” says Robert Poole, director of transportation policy at the libertarian Reason Foundation. He cites repaired potholes and new streetlights. “But I don’t think the country as a whole will say, ‘Wow, transportation is so much better,’ ” Poole says.”

Obama’s broadband initiative

The Obama Administration also announced a huge initiative to provide internet access to millions of low-income Americans using taxpayer dollars. Wasn’t the point of this initiative to decrease the digital divide?

Here is the money shot from McCollum “President Trump and Republicans have no solutions to address these problems.”

These problems were all supposed to be addressed by Obama and Democrats. In fact, they spent over a trillion dollars addressing some of them. Suddenly all the problems that American taxpayers already funded actually still exist? What did the Obama Administration do for eight years?

“A better deal”

“The American people deserve a better deal,” says McCollum.

The American people saw the country’s debt increase to almost $20 trillion under the Obama Administration to “deal” with all of the issues above that Obama said he was going to make better. Apparently, neither Obama or Democrats made anything better under his administration after spending all that money and suddenly their failure is now an albatross they are hanging around President Trump’s neck?

What exactly did Americans get for all that spending? According to Democrats, not much.

McCollum actually claims that “Democrats in Congress are taking on the real challenges facing America finding solutions that are responsible, compassionate, and effective.”

Where were these Democrats over the past eight years under the Obama Administration? Clearly, they failed to do anything to improve the conditions for Americans, according to McCollum herself.

McCollum goes on to claim that Democrats are going to support all the things they supposedly supported under the Obama Administration but didn’t come quite make happen. They sure did increase spending though.

Democrats suddenly care about the heartland?

“Democrats will put your families first by cracking down on unfair foreign trade, corporations that ship jobs overseas and drug companies that gouge patients. In the heartland, we expect our leaders to respond to the challenges we face rather than catering to billionaires and Wall Street,” says McCollum.

If this were true, Americans wouldn’t have voted President Trump into office. Democrats had eight years under Obama to actually make life better but they failed.

McCollum’s line about “billionaires and Wall Street” is ridiculous given that Obama’s policies helped make billionaires and Wall Street oodles of cash according to Politico:

White House’s policies have led to record profits on Wall Street during the first two years of the Obama administration. In fact, Wall Street amassed more profits in the first two years of the Obama presidency than all eight of George W. Bush’s combined.

Wall Street soared while Main Street suffered. Democrats allowed this to happen. Democrats abandoned the “heartland” they now claim they want to support.

Accountability from legislators

McCollum then says, “This is a chance for citizens to hold their senators and representatives accountable by asking the tough questions. What are you doing to help working families get ahead? What are you doing to protect my family’s healthcare?”

When President Obama was elected, it seemed he would be a breath of fresh air when he talked about wanting his administration to be transparent and accountable to the American people. It turns out, the Obama Administration was hardly transparent or accountable and that is according to the left-leaning Washington Post:

Promising transparency and criticizing ignorance, but delivering secrecy and opacity? That doesn’t serve the public or the democracy.

It’s ironic McCollum suddenly claims Democrats should be held accountable, especially when millions of people were ignored and had doors shut in their faces after Democrats lied about Obamacare. Democrats ignored the stagnant economy and the pain their own constituents were experiencing thanks to their own policies.

“Better jobs, better wages and a better future for every American”

This is the Democrat Party’s new slogan. It is this slogan that shows they admit Obama’s presidency was an utter failure:

And that’s exactly what Democrats are working for, better jobs, better wages and a better future for every American.

Under the Obama Administration, poverty hit a 50-year high; more people were on food stamps than ever before in history and the number of people out of the workforce also hit a record high. All this while Wall Street prospered.

Democrats ignored the people and helped Obama put policies into place that actually hurt them. Americans gave Obama eight years to make their lives better but he failed as did Democrats. Democrats still push the failed policies that Obama was pushing. Democrats never seem to learn from history, they repeat it.

Around the country there are now 33 states with Republican Governors. Two-thirds of state legislatures are controlled by Republicans and of course congress and the White House are now controlled by Republicans.

Democrats have failed at the local and national level and they still don’t even grasp that it’s their own policies. Their failed policies, along with their willful ignorance of what really matters to the people they are supposed to represent, shows how out-of-touch Democrats are with the electorate.

At least Democrats are finally admitting Obama’s presidency was a failure. It’s something those in the “heartland” have known for years which is why they elected President Trump.