Democrats ARE the ‘Rape Culture’ in New Hampshire

Protest against Bill Clinton at dinner where NH Democrats were honoring him. Photo by Kimberly Morin

By Kimberly Morin

Today, New Hampshire Democrats and their far left wing extremist (paid) supporters are claiming that Republicans promote the ‘rape culture.’ This is extremely ironic since it’s New Hampshire Democrats who supported Bill Clinton who was not only accused of rape but accused by multiple women of sexual assault, all while he held political office. They also supported his wife, Hillary Clinton, who enabled Bill to continue to sexually assault women and then actually victimized his victims.

Bill Clinton is the father of the ‘rape culture.’ Hillary Clinton is the mother of the ‘rape culture,’ and New Hampshire Democrats are their children.

New Hampshire Democrats supported Hillary Clinton in her failed run for president even though she has a history of victimizing her husband’s victims. She was called out for it during a town hall in Derry in 2016:

Hillary Clinton chose to victimize her husband’s accusers in the 1990s and in the 2010s she’s choosing to ignore them. While many in the younger generation may not know of the Clintons’ behavior, it’s relevant to the election today. While Clinton tries to use her gender throughout the election as a reason for a vote, it’s been clear through her past history that she is no friend or supporter of women. Especially those who are victims of sexual assault and rape.

Of course, Hillary Clinton isn’t the only Democrat to cover up her husband’s sexual assault issue. Senator Maggie Hassan helped cover up her husband’s ‘sex scandal’ at Phillips Exeter Academy:

Maggie Hassan likes to claim she had no idea yet that doesn’t seem possible. From the Boston Globe:

Maggie Hassan was living on campus with her husband in 2011 when the school reported Schubart’s misconduct to authorities and forced him to resign.

In 2012, when she ran for governor, Hassan listed Schubart as a member of her campaign’s Rockingham County Steering Committee. He has also been a regular contributor to Hassan’s campaigns.

Not only did Hassan live on campus when the allegations finally came to light but no one will believe her husband didn’t tell her Schubart shouldn’t be named to her steering committee because of them. It seems, again, they thought they’d get away with the cover up and no one would know otherwise.

Then there is the fact that New Hampshire Democrats actually revere sexual deviants. They changed their Jefferson-Jackson dinner to honor John F. Kennedy and you guessed it, Bill Clinton. It seems history is repeating itself in the Granite State:

It’s ironic that Democrats are suddenly outraged by the commentary of a man from 11 years ago yet revered Democrats like Teddy Kennedy who drove a woman to her death;   John F. Kennedy who was a known womanizer who brought prostitutes into the White House and of course, Bill Clinton. Not only was Clinton a womanizer but he was accused of sexual assault by multiple woman. Clinton was also accused of rape.

Let’s not forget that New Hampshire Democrats are pro-gun control and absolutely do not want women to be able to protect themselves FROM rapists. They would prefer women be raped and not use a firearm than a woman explain to a police officer why there’s a body in the alley where her attacker tried to rape or kill her. Democrats think women who carry concealed for protection are criminals:

The new talking point about SB 12, aka, “Constitutional Carry,” seems to be Democrats implying that all who carry concealed are criminals. Senator Lou D’Allesandro gave an overly dramatic speech in which he compared law-abiding citizens to criminals in his district. Senator Jeff Woodburn once again implied law-abiding citizens who conceal carry are criminals as did others (he first made this claim on NHPR last week). For some reason, all of the Senate Democrats believe criminals actually apply to their police chiefs to get a pistol/revolver license. It was indeed mind boggling.

They even tried to make it so women couldn’t get firearm training with an outrageous gun control bill written by a California gun control organization:

In reality, this is more legislation that seeks to infringe upon the fundamental human right of Granite Staters to protect themselves. The truth is these Democrats and their out-of-state gun control organizations don’t seem to care that the legislation they push actually hurts law-abiding citizens while enabling criminals. These legislators don’t seem to grasp that this gun control legislation will turn law-abiding citizens INTO criminals.

Granite Staters mustn’t forget about how hard New Hampshire Democrats pushed to pass a bill that would allow men into women’s bathrooms as well as changing rooms and any area where women currently have a right to privacy. Democrats tried to pass this bill knowing there have been multiple cases in other places with similar laws where predatory men indeed used these laws to rape and victimize women:

When it comes to “public accommodations,” this legislation will indeed infringe upon the rights of women and girls. As many opponents often point out, women currently already use these areas with transgenders and it isn’t an issue. It is not transgenders that are the fear.  There is already proof in other places where they have implemented these same laws that men use these laws to victimize women and girls – in bathroomslocker roomswomen’s prisonswomen’s shelters and elsewhere. The legislation will allow easier access for men to seek out their prey. Indeed, this is the biggest area of concern for many opponents.

New Hampshire Democrats who are trying to claim anyone OTHER than their own selves and their own party somehow support the ‘rape culture’ are not only blatantly lying but they are showing their disgusting hypocrisy. Democrats in New Hampshire are notorious for never telling the truth but their behavior lately has been far more unhinged than normal. It’s time Republicans, constituents and Granite Staters call them out for what THEY really are because it is Democrats who ARE the ‘rape culture’ in New Hampshire.