Democrats revere sexual deviants, claim outrage over Trump

Photo by The Hill

By Kimberly Morin

Yesterday the Washington Post released audio of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump saying some vulgar things about women that also implied sexual assault. It wasn’t just “potty mouth” language as some Republicans are claiming. Trump actually said he could just grab women and they let him because he’s a star. Of course, he used much different language to describe it.

Trump’s comments are indefensible and after a half-hearted non-apology yesterday, his campaign clearly got a hold of him and he released a written response and apology late last night. In the meantime, Democrats have been beside themselves trying to push what a disgusting pig Trump is and tying his comments from 11 years ago to Republican candidates across the country, especially in New Hampshire.

It’s ironic that Democrats are suddenly outraged by the commentary of a man from 11 years ago yet revered Democrats like Teddy Kennedy who drove a woman to her death;   John F. Kennedy who was a known womanizer who brought prostitutes into the White House and of course, Bill Clinton. Not only was Clinton a womanizer but he was accused of sexual assault by multiple woman. Clinton was also accused of rape.

To hear Democrats speak about Trump’s behavior after they have supported the heinous and horrific behavior of men in their own party is not only hypocritical but egregious. New Hampshire Democrats recently renamed their annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner to the Kennedy-Clinton dinner. Two men who were both womanizers who cheated on their wives while in the White House. Clinton is far more of a sexual deviant than Kennedy was having been accused by so many of assault.

Both Clinton and Trump are morally bankrupt. Neither Republicans nor Democrats can defend any of their indefensible behavior whether it happened yesterday or 20 years ago, nor should they. But for Democrats to claim they have higher standards is more outrageous than what Trump himself actually said. They not only revere men who have behaved far worse than Trump but they support the wife of Bill Clinton who actually victimized his sexual assault victims and enabled him to continue his predatory behavior against women.

Both Clinton and Trump should be shipped off to an island for misfit politicians never to be seen or heard from again. The country and the entire world would be better off for it.