Did NH Democrats collude with AP Reporter to Publish ‘Fake News?’

Free-lance reporter for the AP lies, they stick by her story.

By Kimberly Morin

Today, the Union Leader talked to a free-lance reporter for the Associated Press who got herself into some hot water over some actual ‘fake news’ reporting that she did on a recent Republican event. Kellyanne Conway was a speaker at a New Hampshire Republican dinner in Nashua where there were over 400 people in attendance. The event was closed to the press. The reasons aren’t clear but obviously, the press hates Donald Trump and doesn’t report honestly on events and well, this report actually proves it.

What happened next turned out to be quite interesting. A freelance reporter for the Associated Press (a supposedly non-biased news outlet) just happened to get into the event as a guest and decided to falsely report on it. From the Associated Press story:

Conway was guest speaker Thursday at the fundraising Spring to Victory dinner, hosted by the New Hampshire Republican State Committee in Nashua. About 150 people attended.

The crowd was largely friendly to Conway, applauding when she mentioned Trump’s proposed tax plan and efforts to overhaul the health care law. Some people in attendance withheld applause when Conway let loose with snarky comments about Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Because the AP is falsely considered unbiased reporting by many, the New Hampshire Democrat Party decided to use this story to claim that Trump’s support is falling:

There’s just one thing: the reporter is an anti-Trumper who seems to have written that specifically for the Democrats so they could make false claims about the event and Trump’s support in New Hampshire.

Attendees at the event painted a much different picture of it. The NH GOP even sent out photos of the event:

Then there’s this little photo showing Table #40. Clearly, there were far more than 150 people there. Even an AP reporter can’t screw up math that badly unless it’s intentional:

Photo by Alan Glassman

Below are some quotes from people who were actually at the event:

I was there and worked registration. Over 40 tables and 10 at each. Enthusiastic crowd. I for one had low expectations of Kellyanne because of the horrible press, came away calling people on the way home talking about how brilliant she was! We LOVED her Hillary impersonation-spot on -and the crowd also loved it. Great night, so glad I went! – Kate Day, Former GOP Committee Member

One of the largest Republican dinners I’ve been to in a while. – Joe Sweeney, head of NHYR

I was there and it was so crowded, I did not get a chance to go through the room to say hello to everyone I know. It was close to 500 people, a far cry from what was reported. – Jeannine Notter, NH State Representative

Well over 400 people there. Great speaker talking about positive messaging. – Dan Hynes, NH State Representative

I found out who else was there by watching FB. Then I had to text my ride home to find them through the crowd. – Kimberly Rice, NH State Representative

We were shocked at how many people were there. Didn’t expect that big of a crowd. I was impressed that our very small GOP staff was able to pull off such a big event. They deserve big kudos. Kellyanne was awesome. Could have listened to her a lot longer. – Kristin Noble, political activist

We arrived a little after 6 and had a hard time getting down the hallway to register. This event was fully attended and well organized. After hearing Kellyanne Conway speak it was clear why she ran the winning campaign. – John Spottiswood, Pelham GOP

After years of walking away from republican events I found myself in a room filled with people who had decided to come back. A crowded room where hellos were sincere and welcome back was a constant greeting. There was a sense of hope which hadn’t been felt in a long time and a genuine camaraderie.

It was Old Home Days and KellyAnne reinforced the idea that we can take back what was ripped from the fingers of the next generation by those selling the idea government can give you anything you want and you can get it for free.

It was a night for Freedom and Liberty. It was a night we realized we could take back our country and once again live in a moral society with dignity and integrity.

It was such a wonderful night an AP reporter had to make up a story the news media would print – Bob Clegg, Former State Senator

Now, back to the AP reporter. Apparently her name is Melanie Plenda-Washer. How do people know she’s an anti-Trumper? Why, her Facebook page of course, which now seems to be deleted:

Why is this even an issue? Because Democrats are trying to paint the picture that Trump is losing support and therefore Republicans are losing support. It appears they are lying, as usual. Rather than try to push their ideas of why they are a better choice than Republicans, they simply keep trying to paint a false picture of Trump and his supporters.

Somehow, along the way, it seems they conned an AP reporter into playing along with their little game. Hopefully it was worth her and her bosses at the Associated Press losing credibility in the state of New Hampshire. And yes, the AP stands by their false report.

This is such a ridiculous topic to even be discussing but it’s thanks to the continual shrill whines coming from the New Hampshire Democrat Party that it’s happening. Democrats still don’t understand why they lost the last election; they still don’t grasp that demeaning Trump supporters is what helped them fail and they still don’t have ideas that attract ‘normal thinking’ voters. Many Granite Staters already believe the ‘main stream media’ often reports negatively about Republicans or aren’t completely honest, this AP reporter proved that to be the truth.

UPDATE: The AP came out and updated their story late this afternoon:

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — In a story May 18 about presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway speaking to supporters in New Hampshire, The Associated Press erroneously estimated the number in attendance as about 150 people. Further reporting has indicated the hotel ballroom, which seats 500, was near capacity.

It only took 6 days of people, who were actually THERE,  telling them the story wasn’t true for them to finally correct it. Apparently alternative media reporting the truth makes a difference to ‘main stream media’ sometimes. Just think about how many stories have never been corrected.