Has Dover Democrat Sherry Frost brought an all new low to the NH House?

Yesterday, after it was announced that New Hampshire Senate Committees passed both Senate Bill 11 (Right to Work legislation) and Senate Bill 12 (Concealed Carry ‘licensing’ Repeal), a newly elected New Hampshire State Legislator from Dover (Ward 4) tweeted on social media that she was unhappy with the decision. Sherry Frost is a first term representative who ran in an uncontested election in Dover. She’s clearly on the extreme left wing side of the political spectrum but apparently that also includes extreme incivility.

Frost sent out a tweet notifying her followers of the passages out of committee and decided to call the senators on the committees “f*ckers” for passing legislation she disagrees with based on her personal ideology. Many representatives disagree with each other when it comes to legislation, ideology and public policy but they typically air their disagreements with a least a bit of decorum and respect since they are sitting members of the New Hampshire Legislature. Members who are representing constituents in their districts and the state of New Hampshire to the outside world.

Frost’s extremism and conspiracy theories

Clearly no one taught Frost that civility is part of the way of doing business in the legislature. Of course things get heated when parties disagree but it’s not typically by calling fellow members of the legislature vulgar names. It’s also not Frost’s only dip into the vulgarity pool with those whom she disagrees. She’s hard-core anti-2nd Amendment and refers to those who aren’t as “gun nuts.” She might want to see how many “gun nuts” in her district of Dover earn a living from Sig Sauer.

Frost, who is a former charter school teacher and is also an adjunct English professor at the University of New Hampshire, also believes, ironically, that school choice is about segregation:

Frost was also live tweeting from Representative’s Hall during the Right-to-Work hearing:

Not only is Frost extreme in her left wing ideology but she also believes that Trump is an “illegitimate President.” Seems the conspiracy theories are boiling over. Trump may even be a “Russian Plant” according to tweets Frost has posted on Twitter


Apparently civil debate wasn’t actually what Frost meant

Since Frost ran unopposed, it’s not like Dover voters had much of a choice in electing their representative. Regardless, at least 40% of Frost’s constituents most likely don’t agree with her ideology based on previous election results.  As a representative of ALL of her constituents, it’s interesting that Frost shows such outrageous disdain for so many of them and in such a vulgar manner.

What’s interesting is that when Frost was running for the house, she claimed she wanted “civil debate” to “enable greater cooperation between citizens and government.” From Foster’s:

If I’m elected, I will be committed to actively seeking out the cares and concerns of Dover’s residents; to fostering communication and lively, civil debate; and to enabling greater cooperation between citizens and government. It is only through listening to each other that we can truly understand what our diverse needs and goals are, and it is only in working together that we achieve them.

It’s an excellent statement and one that a majority of people would support. Either Frost was lying or her idea of civil debate has nothing to actually do with civility. Her reality as a representative has been far, far from civil.

When called out for her bad behavior on her Facebook page, Frost did apologize and said that she should not have referred to the senate committee members in such a manner. That was only after being called out. Her actual behavior is the complete opposite of what she claimed she’d do as a representative.

Legislators are often at odds with some of their constituents, it is the nature of politics. Most legislators at least treat their own constituents with a bit of respect, even if they ignore them. Differing ideologies are to be expected but when a legislator spews absolute hatred and vulgarity for the very people she represents along with her fellow legislative members, it’s an all new low for the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Dover voters, whether they agree with Frost’s ideology or not, deserve better.