Election complaint filed against Forrester and Van Ostern campaigns

Election complaint filed against Forrester and Van Ostern. Photo by Kimberly Morin

Today, radio show host, Rich Girard of Girard at Large filed an election campaign complaint with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office. The complaint is against the campaigns of Jeanie Forrester and Colin Van Ostern, both running for governor. The complaint also lists the lobbying firm of Dennehy and Bouley.

Political Buzz wrote about the ‘sketchy’ endorsements of Forrester and Van Ostern by the Save the Children Action Network recently. Dennehy is an adviser to Forrester’s campaign and Bouley is the New Hampshire lobbyist for Save the Children, Dennehy and Bouley are the lobbying firm for Save the Children. Bouley also endorsed Van Ostern in the Democrats’ gubernatorial primary.

The complaint cites multiple pieces of evidence that appear to show collusion between the campaigns, Dennehy and Bouley. This is a violation of election law in New Hampshire. From Girard’s complaint:

With all this, it would seem to strain credulity to believe that the Forrester and Van Ostern campaigns are acting independently of the Save the Children Action Network.  Are we to believe that Mr. Dennehy, a paid consultant of the Forrester campaign and Mayor Bouley, a public supporter of the Van Ostern campaign, whose firm has been retained by the Save the Children Action Network that lists their firm’s address as their own, are somehow not aware of their own activities and, therefore, not violating the statute prohibiting campaign coordination?  Mr. Dennehy’s action in leaking an internal primary poll to the media, despite his candidate not having paid for any polling, certainly calls into question whether or not he is illegally using information from his other client, Save the Children Action Network, which, of course, is supporting the gubernatorial candidacy that has him on the payroll.

It’s hardly a coincidence that Dennehy and Bouley’s firm, which represents Save the Children, endorsed the candidates they happen to either work for or have endorsed. It’ll now be up to Attorney General Joe Foster to decide if New Hampshire election laws were indeed violated. It seems Save the Children also has some explaining to do.