Erika Connors Doesn’t Want Manchester Residents Protecting Themselves

Erika Connors will support Michael Bloomberg's gun control assault on NH

On Tuesday, voters in Manchester will be voting in municipal elections across the city. There is also a special election to fill the state representative seat that was left empty by the untimely death of Republican Steve Vallaincourt. There are two candidates for the seat – Republican Al MacArthur Jr. and Democrat Erika Connors.

The NH Democrat Party sent out a flier last week that clearly shows Erika Connors is against Manchester residents protecting themselves while practicing their 2nd Amendment rights. MacArthur Jr. is not only one of the best firearms instructors in the State of New Hampshire, but he trains women on a regular basis so that they too are able to defend themselves and their families. Clearly, Connors doesn’t believe women (or anyone) should have this ability or right.

The ad is referring to an incident that happened last year in which a female state representative accidentally hooked her backpack on her holstered firearm. No one actually saw the incident other than New Hampshire State Senator Dan Feltes, who also believes women shouldn’t protect themselves or their families against criminals.

Of course, Feltes decided to use a bullhorn to talk about the incident because of his political ideology all while berating a woman who dares to protect herself. At no point was anyone in danger but that doesn’t matter to those who seek to put more gun control into place.

So now comes the hysteria that MacArthur Jr. dares to actually believe in protecting himself and his family. Obviously, this is an issue to Connors or Democrats wouldn’t have brought it up. If Connors doesn’t believe MacArthur Jr., who is not only extensively credentialed in firearms instruction but has many years of advance training, shouldn’t be allowed to carry a firearm to protect himself and his family, she certainly doesn’t believe that a mother should protect herself and her family.

Connors admits in a Live Free or Die Alliance candidate survey that she will indeed vote for more strict gun control laws. In a state with a very large number of law-abiding gun owners that is also consistently one of the safest states in the country, it’s hard to believe any politician would want to vote for legislation that would make it easier for criminals to seek out more victims.

It appears Connors will do the bidding of people like billionaire gun control addict Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is now paying 11 lobbyists to push for gun control in New Hampshire. Bloomberg is a gun control proponent who has armed security for his family but doesn’t want regular Americans to be able to protect their own families. It seems Connors agrees with Bloomberg about regular Americans being disarmed.