Frank Edelblut confirmed for 4-year term as NH Education Commissioner

Frank Edelblut during original confirmation hearings. Photo by Kimberly Morin

Today, in a vote of 3-2, New Hampshire’s Executive Council voted to confirm Frank Edelblut as Commissioner of Education. Edelblut had recently been confirmed to finish out the time left in former Commissioner Virginia Barry’s term.

If you recall, that confirmation hearing was riddled with religious bigotry exploits from Democrat Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky. Volinsky not only attributed a website’s language and beliefs to Edelblut but he showed just how extreme he is in his left wing views that he enacted a bigoted witch hunt as if he was reliving the Salem Witch Trials.

Recently, Volinsky and Democrats feigned outrage that Edelblut didn’t disclose (he wasn’t asked by the council) that during his run in the primary for governor he gave $1,000 anonymously to the Croydon School Board’s cause. Clearly this was a non-issue since it had nothing to do with Edelblut’s nomination as commissioner and being a man of integrity, if need be, Edelblut already stated he’d recuse himself from any issues with that case.

Of course, Granite Staters will see if Volinsky is a “man of integrity” when it comes to voting on any union issues or the bi-annual vote on the almost $1,000,000 Planned Parenthood contract that New Hampshire taxpayers are on the hook for. Volinsky’s campaign not only donated to Planned Parenthood but they spent thousands on his campaign for Executive Councilor as well.

There didn’t seem to be much discussion on Edelblut’s confirmation this time around. It seems the people of New Hampshire already like what they have seen. As Edelblut promised during his confirmation hearings, he’s already been visiting with schools across the state to discuss issues that are important to them. These are the people on the front lines of education in New Hampshire and Edelblut has already stated that he will work with all involved in education to provide the best educational outcomes for all students across the state.

When Edelblut visited Windham, Superintendent of Windham Schools had the following to say:

“I liked him today a lot. I think he got a poor representation of his background and I think that he cares deeply about education,” Langlois said. “I think a lot of his visions are parallel to visions that we have, that we want to do.”

All the negative alarms and witch hunts set off and played out by Democrats cannot beat the integrity, personality, intelligence and obvious care of children one gets from Edelblut when meeting him in person. As more superintendents meet Edelblut, they will undoubtedly come to the same conclusion. And now Edelblut has four years to try and move education in the right direction for educators, parents and students alike.