Frank Edelblut for Governor: The only candidate who walks the walk

By Kimberly Morin

Today NH1 News is reporting that Frank Edelblut has released his first ad in the Republican primary gubernatorial race. Edelblut is currently a New Hampshire State Representative from Wilmot.

Edelblut is one of four candidates running in the Republican primary. He is the only candidate who has been endorsed by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance and the 603 Alliance. Edelblut has won several straw polls including the Windham Republican Debate and the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers straw poll.

Edelblut has an excellent voting record which can be reviewed at Project Vote Smart. While the three other Republicans are running around New Hampshire pretending they are conservative, Edelblut actually walks the walk. His voting record and his background prove that. From NH1 News:

“A trained CPA at a prestigious firm, finding waste and abuse in large budgets. Frank Edelblut left for a different company. That’s when he was faced with a tough decision. He found fraud in their books. They asked him to look the other way. With a wife, two kids, and one on the way, Frank turned them in an left with no job,” says the narrator in the spot, which was first reported by NH1 News.

“But Frank Edelblut didn’t give up. He started his own company, helping other job creators deal with red tape, growing it from one employee to 800. International offices and huge revenues,” the narrator continues.

Not only is Edelblut a proponent for school choice but he fights for 1st Amendment rights on college campuses as well. From the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education:

FIRE testified in a hearing last Friday on House Bill 1431 (HB 1431) which is a bill relating to academic freedom and whistleblower protections for faculty members in New Hampshire’s public university system. Previous to that they had testified on House Bill 1561 (HB 1561) which is a bill to allow free speech on public university campuses in the Granite State. Both bills are being sponsored by Representative Frank Edelblut who is also running for governor.

Edelblut also backed a bill that would allow the New Hampshire National Guard to protect themselves at facilities owned or maintained by the Guard after the terrorist attack on a recruiting center in Tennessee. Political Buzz interviewed Edelblut about the bill back in December.


Brent Littlefield, Edelblut’s campaign manager, said the following about the ad:

As this indicates, Frank Edelblut is the only candidate running for Governor who is not a lifelong, or career, politician. Frank has spent his lifetime creating jobs and growing companies. He has fought red tape. Frank knows how to find and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in budgets. And, Frank is the only proven conservative running for Governor.

While the other candidates in the primary may have name recognition, something they don’t have are records to back up fiscal conservatism. At a time when New Hampshire is in desperate need for change in the governor’s office, it seems there is only one candidate who stands out from the crowd. Based on Edelblut’s voting record and past, it seems obvious who that is. Edelblut doesn’t just talk the talk, he actually walks the walk for smaller government and more freedom. It’s the “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire way.