Frank Edelblut wins ‘Conservative of the Year’ award from AFP

Edelblut wins 'Conservative of the Year' award. Photo by Kimberly Morin

Today, Americans for Prosperity in New Hampshire (AFP-NH) sent out a press release announcing that former state representative and gubernatorial candidate Frank Edelblut is their choice for the Tom Thomson Conservative of the Year award. Edelblut was the Republican gubernatorial candidate who the pundits and pollsters grossly underestimated during the last election. Edelblut almost won the race despite many thinking he had no chance.

Edelblut fought for 1st Amendment rights on college campuses; school choice for Granite State children as well as fighting to allow the New Hampshire National Guard to protect themselves in light of the Islamic terrorist attacks that were occurring on a regular basis against United States military members. Edelblut also opposed expanding Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion and is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. From the press release:

“Frank Edelblut has been a leader on the issues of economic freedom throughout 2016, and it’s only appropriate that he receive the 2016 Tom Thomson Conservative of the Year award,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH State Director.  “As a legislator, he demonstrated leadership in opposing efforts to grow government by expanding ObamaCare in New Hampshire and fought health care regulations that drive up the cost of care.  At the same time, he sponsored tax relief for employers that is creating explosive growth in our economy.  As a candidate for Governor, he had a consistent message of shrinking government and expanding freedom.  He truly believes, as our Honorary Chairman Tom Thomson says, that ‘Low taxes are the result of low spending.’  Frank was an easy choice for this award.”

“It’s an honor for me to present this award to Rep. Frank Edelblut, a very successful businessman who believes in low taxes, smaller government and less regulation, which will equal ‘Prosperity’ for our State,” added Tom Thomson, Honorary Chairman of AFP-NH.

Edelblut will be presented the award at AFP’s annual Christmas Party on December 9th. In response to the news about the award, Edelblut made the following statement:

“I was thrilled to work with Americans for Prosperity on a number of important issues, working to ensure state government stays small and accountable,” said Rep. Edelblut.  “This award means a lot because there are a number of great people who have worked hard to defend economic freedom across New Hampshire.  We need to continue the fight to grow our economy, create good, new jobs and expand opportunity to every New Hampshire citizen.  I’m thankful being AFP’s Conservative of the Year and look forward to a great event on the 9th.”

This award will come as no surprise to Edelblut supporters. He garnered a lot of support from both conservative and liberty activists during his gubernatorial run. It’s unclear if Edelblut will decide to continue a path in politics but it would certainly be welcomed by the many who backed him.