Frost Witch Hunt? Dover constituents have been complaining since January

Dover constituents have been complaining about Frost's behavior since January

On Wednesday, the New Hampshire Legislative and Administration Committee will hold an Executive Session to discuss the ethics hearings and any potential recourse regarding the behavior of Democrat Representative Sherry Frost (Dover). Last week was the Ethics Hearing where Frost had the chance to defend her behavior but instead chose to ‘lawyer-up’ and didn’t even apologize to the New Hampshire Citizens she publicly humiliated and marginalized.

At the hearing last week, Frost and her Democrat supporters actually tried to claim it was nothing but a ‘witch hunt’ to distract from another hearing happening for ethics violations with Republican Representative Robert Fisher. Unfortunately, the truth proves that there is no ‘witch hunt.’ People, including Frost’s own constituents and residents of Dover, have been complaining about her behavior since January when it first began.

New evidence about ongoing complaints

Political Buzz received communications from a former New House State Representative who wrote to Democrat Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff back in January:



You can see from the email that it appears both Frost and Shurtleff understood that her behavior was completely inappropriate for a sitting state representative. It also shows that people have indeed been complaining since January; further proving this is not a ‘witch hunt.’ It was back in February that Political Buzz reported on Frost’s atrocious behavior where she publicly humiliated New Hampshire citizens speaking before her committee.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the committee Frost sits on, Environment and Agriculture, were also informed about Frost’s behavior during one of their committee hearings. Once again, proving the complaints about Frost’s behavior as a sitting state representative have been ongoing since January.

Democrats and their dishonesty

Frost doesn’t quite seem to grasp that denigrating fellow legislators and marginalizing or humiliating New Hampshire Citizens is not only inappropriate but it violates the ‘Code of Ethics’ the house passed back in February. Instead of admitting her wrongdoing and actually apologizing for it, Frost and her fellow Democrats chose to pretend Frost’s behavior was about ‘Free Speech’ (except for the citizens speaking before her committee of course) and paint her behavior as simply ‘potty mouth’ talk. You can review the entire transcripts of the sideshow below. It was an embarrassment to the State of New Hampshire:

05102017-LegAdmCom-RepFrost (1)


No one is asking for Frost’s removal, that should be up to constituents during the next election cycle. Is it so difficult to ask a New Hampshire State Representative, when acting on behalf of the state, to actually treat New Hampshire Citizens and fellow legislators with a minimum modicum of respect? For months, this childish and outrageous behavior has been allowed to continue with no public words from House Leadership. No one has stood up for the citizens who were marginalized other than Representative Victoria Sullivan and others who spoke out for them at Frost’s hearing last week.

Why are New Hampshire Democrats, including Frost and her supporters, being dishonest about her behavior and the complaints that have been ongoing since January? This isn’t a partisan issue, this behavior towards New Hampshire Citizens shouldn’t be allowed by any state representative, no matter the political party. Unfortunately, Democrats prefer leaving out the truth and facts in this case, which means they are complicit and in agreement with Frost’s marginalization of the citizens they are elected to represent.