Gun control lobbyists and Democrats are boosting firearm sales in NH

By Kimberly Morin

The FBI just released National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) numbers for October and the numbers show yet more increases in NICS checks. NICS checks occur when a person purchases a firearm. These checks happen at all gun shops and gun shows. They are required by law for all federally licensed firearm dealers. The numbers are astounding compared to just a few years ago; New Hampshire is no exception.

Political Buzz looked at the NICS numbers going back 10 years. Back in 2006 – 2008 the numbers of background checks conducted were consistently under 80,000 per year. After 2009 the numbers started to increase steadily each year. In 2012 the number of background checks skyrocketed to over 130,000.

Note that one background check is not equivalent to one firearm. There could be multiple firearms purchased during one background check.  The number is marked on the forms that dealers keep for their records. The ATF is alerted if there are over a certain number of firearms purchased within a five-day period in order to be aware of potential “straw purchases.” A straw purchase is when a person who can legally buy a firearm does so to purchase the firearm for someone who is a prohibited person.

What is it that made the number of Granite Staters getting background checks start to jump? The gun control lobby. Democrats, progressive organizations, Michael Bloomberg, Gabby Giffords and others who push gun control against law-abiding citizens in New Hampshire. They are directly correlated to the rise in background checks.

The attack of the gun control lobby in New Hampshire

Michael Bloomberg first began infiltrating New Hampshire with his NY-style gun control push back in 2013 with Mayors Against Illegal Guns. It’s worthy to note that only two mayors were a part of the organization and both of those mayors eventually left it because the organization wasn’t about getting illegal guns off the streets. This is the organization that memorialized a cop killer and one of the Boston Bomber terrorists.

Moms Demand was next and they have all of maybe five members who actually participate, most likely paid hacks. They are clueless parrots who Democrats like Maggie Hassan love to meet with while ignoring legitimate New Hampshire-based organizations in the state. Moms Demand has mostly been a wash. They aren’t taken seriously in the Granite State because they can’t coherently even speak about firearms, gun control or existing laws.

Michael Bloomberg then created “Everytown for Gun Safety.” This is the main organization he seems to devote most of his money to. Political Buzz previously interviewed one of the members of this group and discovered what their true intentions are when it comes to firearms. Note, their intentions with gun control have absolutely nothing to do with safety and everything to do with control – confiscation, registration and more gun free zones.

Everytown is now also paying a New Hampshire lobbying organization to push NY-style gun control in the Granite State. Why? Because they have failed to get anything done using their few Moms Demand minions (often they’re shipped to the state from Maine and Massachusetts). Gun control measures that were pushed under a Democrat-controlled legislature a couple of years ago failed as well.

Bloomberg is now spending millions to help get gun control/gun banning Democrats in New Hampshire elected such as Maggie Hassan and state senate candidate Peggy Gilmour. Why? Because if they can pass gun control measures in one of the safest states in the country that has a strong local 2nd Amendment community, they can pass them anywhere.

Democrats and gun control lobbyists are the best sales people for firearms

It’s ironic Democrats blame the NRA as shilling for the firearms’ industry when in reality it’s the gun control lobby that has boosted sales across the country and in New Hampshire. The NRA actually provides safety training and is one of the largest firearm training organizations in the world. Bloomberg, Democrats and other gun control lobbyists provide nothing. New Hampshire’s own lawmakers lie about current law and use grossly false statistics to push gun control.

Their efforts have failed but given the millions that Bloomberg keeps spending in states like New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, three of the safest states in the country, it’s clear Democrats don’t care about safety. Maine and Vermont have Constitutional Carry; a majority of people in New Hampshire want Constitutional Carry and a bill was passed twice by the legislature but Maggie Hassan vetoed both bills so she could get funding for her election from Bloomberg.

Every time Democrats and the gun control lobby push ridiculous gun control laws onto law-abiding citizens, citizens react by purchasing firearms. Since these people actually admit they want to ban certain firearms and put outrageous restrictions on the sales of firearms, Granite Staters choose to make sure they don’t end up like the law-abiding citizens of Chicago. A city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the country where it’s practically impossible to buy a firearm for self defense while criminals shoot up the innocent at alarming rates.

What the gun control lobby and Democrats have done in New Hampshire is not only help boost firearm sales but they’ve created brand new 2nd Amendment activists who have caught on to their bogus lies about safety. Granite Staters don’t like out-of-state organizations coming into their state and telling them how they should live their lives. They also know that they are their own first lines of defense, especially since New Hampshire is a very rural state. It’ll be interesting to see if the state breaks a record with NICS background checks this year and it’s all thanks to Democrats and the gun control lobby.