Hassan vetoes bill that would end abuse of New Hampshire Citizens

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On Friday, a cowardly day to veto the will of the people, Governor Hassan announced that she once again vetoed a bill that would end almost 100 years of abuse by the state when it comes to pistol/revolver licensing. For two years, Granite Staters have told Hassan that they wanted the abuse by the state to finally come to an end but Hassan decided that Michael Bloomberg’s money was far more important to her than protecting her own constituents.

What’s pretty amazing is that in her statement Hassan says that if someone is denied they can just ‘lawyer up’ and appeal any denial. Essentially she is stating that Granite Staters will continue to be abused and they’ll just have to come up with the thousands of dollars for a lawyer in order to gain their rights back. Meanwhile, any issuing department will not face any type of ramifications for wrongful denials.

This is a bit shocking since Hassan’s own Department of Safety recently admitted that New Hampshire citizens are indeed abused at the hands of pistol/revolver license (PRL) issuers. One would think that a law that was originally put into place in the 1920s for racist and discriminatory purposes would be rebuked in 2016. Clearly Democrats haven’t changed much from their racist origins if they refuse to change laws put into place by one of their own, with the help of the Ku Klux Klan, almost 100 years ago.From Hassan’s statement:

It is a permitting system that gives an important oversight role to local law enforcement while ensuring that an appeal process is in place if a permit is denied, a law that Republican Governor Mel Thomson said was ‘a sensible handgun law.’ Not only has the current law worked well, I also continue to share the public safety concerns of law enforcement and citizens across New Hampshire about removing the protections that the licensing process offers.

First, it is not a ‘permitting system,’ it is a licensing system. Second, anyone who can legally purchase and possess a firearm in New Hampshire can instantly open carry a loaded firearm. If that same person puts a jacket on and the firearm is covered up, they go from being a law-abiding citizen to a criminal thanks to Hassan’s beloved law. The PRL system does absolutely nothing to stop criminals from getting firearms. The PRL system does absolutely nothing to stop people from openly carrying loaded firearms. The PRL system in New Hampshire has nothing to do with safety. It never has and it never will.

The only thing the PRL system does in New Hampshire is allow the state to abuse New Hampshire citizens on a regular basis. A citizen’s only recourse being to spend thousands of dollars on an attorney to fight for their right to wear a jacket over a firearm. Think about that. Citizens have to fight for a right listed in the New Hampshire Constitution because of clothing choices. For many women, concealed carry is also a personal choice. Apparently Hassan is only pro-choice when it comes to women choosing abortion.

This is an important election year for Hassan and Democrats. Every Democrat in the New Hampshire Senate voted against ending the state’s abuse two years in a row. They did this despite a majority of Granite Staters demanding the law be changed. They did this despite testimony from women and others who were abused by state employees. They voted against the will of the people not once but twice. Ironically it is just as Michael Bloomberg starts spending thousands of dollars to push New York-style gun control in New Hampshire.

It seems that Hassan and the entire slate of Senate Democrats have chosen out-of-state big money lobbyists over their constituents. For a party that claims to be for women’s rights, minority rights and LGBTQ rights, they have a funny way of showing it when they give the state permission to continue discriminating and abusing these very people.



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