The humiliating truth about the NH House ‘Handmaids’

The humiliating truth about NH House 'Handmaids.' Photo by Beth Scaer

By Kimberly Morin

On Thursday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted on a fetal homicide bill, Senate Bill 66 (SB 66), that seeks justice for unborn babies who are killed in a violent act. The unborn baby would apply to those who are viable, after 5 months of pregnancy, and the bill specifically states that pregnant mothers, abortion doctors or anything that results as an intentional termination of the pregnancy due to medical causes, are not part of this legislation.

In other words, if an unborn baby of a mother, who plans on birthing her child, is murdered or killed whether intentionally or unintentionally by another human being, the mother can seek justice for the death of her unborn child. Currently, if an unborn baby is murdered in the mother’s womb, there is no justice.

An out-of-state extreme left-wing faux feminist organization, UltraViolet, ascended upon the state house dressed as ‘handmaids’ from the book The Handmaid’s Tale in some sort of protest against mothers seeking justice for their murdered babies. These women were dressed in the full garb of the handmaids with white bonnets and red capes. As if to further mock their own selves, they even had a man dressed as one of the handmaids, beclowning themselves to all new levels.

NH women beclown themselves using men as ‘handmaids.’ Photo by Beth Scaer

In another humiliating case of irony, handmaids, in the book, were only those women who were able to conceive children. Clearly a man and the older women as handmaids are unable to conceive children (handmaids were forced to be surrogates for the elites whose wives couldn’t bear children). It’s quite the horrific and evil twist that they are protesting mothers who chose to have their babies and are seeking justice for their deaths at the hands of another.

Aside from the complete ignorance of the legislation by these women, who clearly prefer women abort their children rather than give birth, they obviously haven’t actually read The Handmaid’s Tale. It is a fiction book written by Margaret Atwood in 1985.

Atwood describes a society in which religious extremists take over the country (at one point even mentioning Islamic terrorism) and deeming women as second-class citizens unable to work, have their own money or have any rights (men also lose rights as well, it’s based on class, in an Authoritarian, Communist sort of irony). The true hypocrisy of these embarrassing New Hampshire House Democrats is the book perfectly describes Islamic regimes all over the world. The same regimes that were supported and propped up by their beloved Obama Administration as well as Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State.

Even the uber left wing site Salon, calls left wing women out for their complete ignorance to the truth. From Salon:

By thinking about the parallels between the culture of power and oppression in the “Handmaid’s Tale” and societies such as Saudi Arabia today, we can see a fuller picture — that under the right circumstances, these tendencies are universal. They are not bound by religion or geography. They could take hold in Eastern Europe, or in the Middle East, or yes, even here in America.

Perhaps America is adopting some of the personality traits of our notoriously self-centered leader as we become less and less able to think outside of our own political situation. Yes, we are at an important point in our history, one that demands constant analysis and reflection. There is much to be lost, much to fight for. But addressing today’s crises also requires perspective, particularly for liberals and feminists. Ignoring the current circumstances of very real women as we sit on our couches, binge-watching Hulu, reading think-pieces and feeling sorry for ourselves isn’t the way forward.

These faux feminists started their little ‘Handmaids’ protest during the ‘Red Pill Scare’ regarding state representative Robert Fisher who anonymously wrote misogynistic and outrageous anti-women comments in a forum before becoming an elected official. They conducted a witch hunt on Fisher, not because of things he ever said in the house; not because of actions he ever made towards any women in the house but because of things he may THINK.

More irony is that in the book, the handmaids are presented with a man who they are told is accused of rape – no trial, no due process – the handmaids then proceed to murder him in cold blood. All because they are told the man raped someone. What the faux feminists of the New Hampshire House and out-of-state organizations did to Fisher wasn’t much different.

These women are nothing but hypocritical misandrists. Misandry is defined as the following:

Dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men

These faux feminists not only tried to figuratively murder Fisher in cold blood because of his thoughts but they then attributed HIS thoughts to all Republican men in the legislature and they continue with their misandry on a daily basis. These are women who are not reasonable but delusional. They are a mirror image of what they claim men in the legislature to be. They are exactly the people they claim to be fighting against and they prove it on a regular basis.

Not only did these women make fools of themselves with their clear lack of understanding of the actual book The Handmaid’s Tale but they humiliated themselves, the legislature, women and the entire state of New Hampshire with their out-of-state funded shenanigans. Nothing these misandrists claim can ever be taken seriously because they simply cry wolf where no wolf appears. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing, only this time it was white bonnets and red capes.

These faux feminist Democrats like Representatives Debra Altschiller, Sherry Frost,  Jan Schmidt, Ivy Vann, Allison Nutting, Ellen Read, Katherine Rogers, Cindy Rosenwald and others have contributed absolutely nothing to the legislature but misandry, propaganda, hatred and vitriol since the session began. Rather than be truthful or honest to their own constituents, they have chosen to lie, repeat those lies and then make a circus of those lies by playing ‘dress up’ like small children.

These same women who were hypocritically wearing p*ssy hats in protest of Trump are switching out their childish costumes to push yet another lie that anyone is trying to take away their rights. These are the same women who don’t actually support women’s rights like ending almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination against women with Senate Bill 12.  These are the same women who don’t support women’s rights when it comes to worker freedom and right to work. These are the same women who don’t support women’s choice when it comes to free speech as seen with the Buffer Zone Bill. The list could go on about the women’s rights these faux feminists don’t actually support but you get the idea.

There’s a quote in the book that is applicable here but the message is for Republicans in the legislature:

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Only in this case it’s more appropriate to say ‘don’t let the faux feminist misandrists grind you down.’