HYPOCRISY: Andru Volinsky is for NH public schools, just not for his OWN children

Andru Volinsky doesn't like school choice for YOUR kids. Photo by Kimberly Morin

Yesterday, the Executive Council tabled the confirmation of Frank Edelblut for Commissioner of Education because Democrat Andru Volinsky found a statute that requires the governor to meet with the entire Board of Education before nominating the commissioner of education. According to Sununu, he met with the chairman but not all members. The confirmation vote was held the day following the executive council’s public hearing on Governor Sununu’s nomination.

That hearing is where it was discovered that Andru Volinsky is a religious bigot who has obvious contempt for anyone who happens to practice religion in their personal life. It’s not clear why Volinsky chose this embarrassing path of persecution when questioning (grandstanding) of Frank Edelblut but Volinsky’s bigotry and hatred was quite clear but that’s not all that was exposed.

Volinsky supports public education for OTHER people’s children

Volinsky claims to be an ardent supporter of New Hampshire Public Schools. He was supported by the biggest teachers’ union in the state for his run as executive councilor. It seems though, that Volinsky doesn’t practice what he preaches. He sent all three of his children to an elite private school in New Hampshire – The Derryfield School, a non-union private school.

Derryfield is known to provide an excellent education (well, other than their teacher who claims “white privilege” is why Common Core was necessary). The tuition per student, per year at Derryfield is over $30,000. It’s fantastic for Volinsky that he was able to afford to send his children to this elite private school. Of course, 99% of parents in New Hampshire can’t afford that and don’t have the same choices as Volinsky. And that’s where his hypocrisy garishly shines.

School choice is only for those who can afford it

During his persecution of Edelblut, it was obvious that Volinsky has issues with school choice. He brought up how public schools lose adequacy funding if a student leaves the school. This is true but Volinsky was using it to slam charter schools (which are also public schools). Apparently Volinsky wasn’t that concerned when his own children were no longer in the public education system, if they ever were at all. And of course, it’s all about the money, not what’s best for the children.

It’s always interesting to listen to left wing extremists like Volinsky condemn others for their choices while practicing the same choices in their own personal lives. Volinsky could afford to send his children to an elite private school all while taking funding out of the public education system (again, if his own children ever attended public schools at all). Volinsky doesn’t want lower-income parents to be able to have better choices for THEIR children. To Volinsky, if you don’t have the means to get the best education for your child, it’s just too damn bad.

Unfortunately, this seems to be an ongoing theme with Democrats. They are so embedded with unions that they long ago lost any care for the children. While wealthy Democrats like Volinsky have the option to make choices for their own children’s education, they don’t want all children to have the same opportunities. Volinsky would rather children be stuck in poorly-performing public schools than have the chance to get a better education via school choice. Volinsky should practice what he preaches rather than continue to vomit his hypocrisy during executive council hearings.