HYPOCRISY: Democrats and Volinsky feign outrage over Edelblut contribution

The hypocrisy of NH Democrats once again shines through.

By Kimberly Morin

Yesterday, in a report by the NH1 News, Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky feigned “golf-clap” outrage over Frank Edelblut, Commissioner of Education, not disclosing an anonymous donation to a school board fighting for the best education of its children. Volinsky believes Edelblut wasn’t transparent with the Executive Council during confirmation hearing but the question was never asked during that hearing. Edelblut anonymously donated $1,000 to a “GoFundMe” account in September 2016.

Recall that it was Volinsky who tried to burn Edelblut at the stake by attributing religious beliefs he took from a website to Edelblut. If Volinsky was so concerned about a contribution to the Croydon School Board in their fight, maybe he would have brought it up then. Instead, Volinsky chose to highlight his bigotry against Edelblut and the religious beliefs of a school Edelblut created an economics program for in the past.

Edelblut’s support for the plight of Croydon school children is no surprise. He spoke about it during his run for governor. In case you aren’t aware, the Croydon School Board was allowing children in Croydon to attend the schools that best fit their educational needs rather than forcing them into traditional public schools (their local school only goes up to fourth grade). This was actually saving the school district money. Unfortunately, people like Volinsky and other Democrats are horrified by children actually getting the best education possible and the state of New Hampshire actually sued the school board.

It’s worthy to note that Volinsky is bed with the biggest public sector union in the state, the National Education Association (NEA-NH). He is adamantly against school choice and prefers poor children suffer in sub-par public schools rather than get a better education elsewhere. Ironically, Volinsky sent his own children to an extremely expensive private school. Apparently school choice is only for the wealthy.

It will be interesting to note if Volinsky will recuse himself from any votes on the Executive Council that involve either unions or Planned Parenthood. Not only did unions provide a lot of support during his run for the council, as did Planned Parenthood, but Volinsky’s campaign even contributed to Planned Parenthood. Only time, and votes, will tell.

What’s absolutely amusing is the Democrats’ outrage over Edelblut’s support of Croydon. Democrats have some nerve talking about transparency. From the NHDP:

“Commissioner Edelblut’s decision to avoid questions rather than outright deny an anonymous donation raises serious suspicions. As the head of the department bringing a case against Croydon School Board, it would be wildly inappropriate for Edelblut to have a part in its defense. This action speaks to Edelblut’s lack of qualifications for his new position and the political nature of his appointment. Instead of avoiding the question, Edelblut should be calling for financial transparency.

Democrats then go on to claim that Edelblut’s statements that full day kindergarten could lead to a misdiagnosis of ADHD are “radical.” Once again, the NHDP makes fools of itself because there are multiple studies that show that indeed some children are misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder if they are sent to school at too young of an age. Of course, Democrats don’t bother doing any research to back up their statements. They must continue the party line of lie, lie again, lie some more and back up those lies with more lies. Sadly, their supporters just blindly follow whatever they say.

What’s even more ironic is the Democrats were silent when Bill Duncan was nominated by then Governor Maggie Hassan to the Board of Education. Duncan was literally suing the state of New Hampshire over education policy. Democrats supported Duncan’s nomination even though he had zero education experience.

Interestingly, Volinsky had a role in that case as well. He helped write an amicus brief on why the state’s scholarship tax credit shouldn’t be allowed because of course, he abhors poor children getting a better education. Volinsky once again brought out his religious bigotry by claiming the tax credit is mostly for religious schools when that is in fact not the case. Duncan eventually lost his case in court but the Executive Council at the time still approved his nomination!

Basically this is once again much ado about nothing. Sure, Edelblut should have just told the Valley News (they were the only ones asking) he provided a small amount of monetary support and he would have if asked by the Executive Council during the hearing. In reality it doesn’t really matter what he did because the faux outrage from Democrats would be the same. Once again their hypocrisy shines through and it’s more apparent than ever that they are going to do everything they can to protect the status quo over the betterment of education for children.

Edelblut has already stated that he supports public education but that isn’t good enough. Neither Democrats nor Volinsky have ever had New Hampshire children’s best interests as a priority. That is really what the issue at hand is; they oppose a man who actually cares about the education of ALL children in the Granite State, not the special interests that buy Democrats into office.