INTERVIEW: Daniel Hannan on Brexit and his warning to America

Daniel Hannan at the Defending the American Dream Summit. Photo by Kimberly Morin

Today, Political Buzz published an interview with British political superstar Daniel Hanna conducted during the Defending the American Dream Summit. Political Buzz sat down with author, activist and Conservative Member of European Parliament, Daniel Hannan. Hannan was part of the “Leave” campaign which pushed for the United Kingdom to oust itself from the jaws of the European Union (EU), also known as “Brexit.” On June 23, 2016, voters in the United Kingdom officially declared they should leave the European Union.

Hannan spoke with Political Buzz about Brexit as well as his book The New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America. On leaving the European Union, Hannan points out that the fearmongering of the opposition didn’t quite work out how they claimed it would:

So far, everything with one exception, everything that they predicted has turned out to be false.

Everything from stocks to unemployment and consumer spending behaved the exact opposite of what the “Remain” campaigners claimed would happen. The only thing that indeed happened was that British sterling has devalued a bit but it’s now at a more realistic level. Leaving the EU was about the British controlling their own destiny rather than some unelected bureaucrats in Brussels:

Getting out of the EU is a means to an end. It’s not an end in itself. The real objective here is a freer, more democratic, more prosperous Britain.

Now that Britain is out of the EU, they can be more competitive and put real reforms in place that will be better for Britain overall, especially for the people. From individual freedoms, to state freedoms, Britain will once again be sovereign and not be forced to do things at the whim of those in power who are far removed from the people.

In discussing his book, The New Road to Serfdom, Hannan talks about the Founding Fathers and their original intentions to decentralize power to the states and the people rather than the federal government and how there has been a shift over the years:

Any objective observer would say that there’s been a shift in power from the states to the federal government. There’s been a shift in power from elected representatives to the permanent standing bureaucracy and that there’s been a general shift in power from citizen to state.

The way the Founding Fathers set up the government was to have decisions made as close to the people as possible. Because of the shift of power from the people to the bureaucracy, the United States is now $19 trillion debt. Hannan believes that is really all anyone should be talking about in the Presidential election.

Hannan also talks about how the government has ceased to become service providers and continues to grow to unsustainable levels:

Public services are becoming pension providers instead of service providers. In the end, there is going to have to be a reckoning. You can’t defy gravity forever. And the more you put it off the worse it gets. It’s like a drunk who is postponing the hangover by staying drunk.

As someone who has seen first hand what a centralized government can do to its people, Hannan understands the cliff that Americans are being led over by both parties. The Founding Fathers never intended for the federal government to grow into the behemoth monopoly that it has morphed into today.

The more government America has, the less freedom Americans have. The more the government spends, whether local, state or federal, the less money taxpayers have to spend how they choose. The more centralized the government, the less the people have in decision making. Hannan’s message is for Americans to keep fighting because if citizens don’t get involved and don’t fight, America will indeed turn into a European-like country.