Jim Lawrence on Medical Marijuana and 2nd Amendment Rights

Jim Lawrence with one of his 8 children during a Hudson meet and great. Photo by Kimberly Morin

By Kimberly Morin

Jim Lawrence was at a “meet and greet” last week in Hudson, New Hampshire when he was asked a question about the issue of Medical Marijuana card holders losing their 2nd Amendment rights. Lawrence is a candidate running in the Republican primary for the 2nd Congressional District seat that is currently held by Democrat Annie Kuster. Lawrence discussed this and many other topics at the event, held at the home of Senator Bob Clegg.

Susan Olsen, Legislative Director for the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire, asked Lawrence about the discrepancy between state and federal law when it comes to medical marijuana and 2nd Amendment rights in New Hampshire. Lawrence:

I do believe that states should have the right to regulate the use of marijuana. And as a result I would be in favor of changing federal law so that it would not put states in the position where they would have something that were legal within their state line, like medical marijuana, and it would be illegal at the federal level. It is my belief that would solve the 2nd Amendment issue as well.

Medical Marijuana card holders lose 2nd Amendment Rights

Recall a recent article by Political Buzz that discusses the problems with Medical Marijuana and 2nd Amendment Rights. Because the federal government still considers marijuana an illegal Schedule I controlled substance, it does not recognize the changes in state law regarding marijuana. This is causing a problem because those who are able to receive Medical Marijuana cards will now lose their 2nd Amendment rights and become prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms or ammunition.

Lawrence goes on to state that the best defense they could do was to get the federal government out of controlling marijuana as a substance. The states should have the right to regulate marijuana as they see fit. This removes the specter of the drug being listed as a Schedule I drug in the United States. It’s refreshing to hear a congressional candidate talk about getting the federal government out of areas that should be dealt with by the state.

Lawrence is the complete opposite of Annie Kuster. Kuster refuses to give town halls to her constituents and recently embarrassed herself and the state of New Hampshire by waging a slumber party for gun control bills that don’t exist. In reality Kuster and her fellow Democrats were simply fundraising.

Clearly New Hampshire constituents in the 2nd Congressional District deserve better. Lawrence wants to be held accountable to his constituents, Kuster refuses to be held accountable.