There are lies, gun control lies and Durham Democrat Wayne Burton lies

Democrat Wayne Burton (on the right). Photo from Durham's public town page

On Monday, Foster’s printed an opinion piece written by Durham Democrat Wayne Burton. Burton is a current New Hampshire State Representative (Durham and Madbury) who apparently doesn’t understand state or federal laws. Burton seems to think that the passage of Senate Bill 12 (SB 12), aka Constitutional Carry, in New Hampshire, suddenly means that anyone can carry a firearm into a federally marked “gun free zone.” He doesn’t seem to understand the current federal law that exists, nor does he understand that SB 12 still allows for the people of New Hampshire to get a pistol/revolver license if they so desire.

Burton was the sponsor of House Bill 350 (HB 350), a bill that would prevent anyone from carrying a firearm at any polling place in the state. Of course, there was no issue or problem that this was resolving. Burton is a hoplophobe who can’t imagine a regular citizen actually wanting to protect themselves and their families. People have been carrying firearms at polling places since the very first polling place existed in New Hampshire.  HB 350 would have done nothing but turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. His bill was defeated, of course.

Burton is supposed to be a lawmaker. As with many Democrats in the New Hampshire State House, Burton doesn’t actually understand the laws. It’s outrageous that these people are the same people writing the laws. This is what Burton had to say after SB12’s passage:

Today, anyone can lawfully walk into a NH public school with a loaded pistol tucked in their belt concealed or otherwise never having had to get a permit to do so. And today, no longer can a police officer check to see if the occupant of a house to which they are answering a domestic violence call includes an occupant with a permitted weapon.

Senate Bill 12 allows no such thing. The laws regarding school zones are federal laws. Under federal law, if a person has a pistol/revolver license in New Hampshire (and this applies to every state), they can carry concealed in schools. Burton doesn’t even properly refer to the pistol/revolver license; he calls it a “permit.” Burton is intentionally lying to people in order to fear monger. He’s lying because he’s a Democrat. He’s lying because he is a left wing lawmaker who cannot use the truth when trying to push draconian laws like HB 350 onto the people of the Granite State.

Burton also admits there is an illegal database being used by police departments in the state. Keeping a database of gun owners is against the law, again, against federal law. From the Firearms Owners Protection Act:

No such rule or regulation prescribed [by the Attorney General] after the date of the enactment of the Firearms Owners Protection Act may require that records required to be maintained under this chapter or any portion of the contents of such records, be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or any political subdivision thereof, nor that any system of registration of firearms, firearms owners, or firearms transactions or disposition be established.

Not only is Burton saying that New Hampshire Police are violating this law but he obviously doesn’t think too highly of them. Does Burton really believe New Hampshire Police only use caution if they get word from dispatch that a domestic violence call they may be answering is at the home of someone who may be a gun owner? Apparently he does. Burton doesn’t seem to grasp three things:

#1 Granite Staters were always able to buy firearms without getting permission from the state, including openly carry them.

#2 The police are trained to be cautious about every call they answer.

#3 It is ILLEGAL to keep a registry or database of gun owners.

If Burton is claiming, as some others have, that any police department or government agency in the state of New Hampshire are keeping a database of gun owners, he is admitting there are state government agencies breaking federal law. An investigation needs to take place and those violating federal law need to be punished.

There are two main types of Democrat legislators in New Hampshire – those who know the truth but intentionally lie about it and those who are ignorant about the truth and and just do whatever they are told by party bosses. It’s unclear if Burton is intentionally lying but given his educational background, one has to assume the man isn’t stupid. Intentionally lying to constituents and Granite Staters is far worse than just being an ignorant. It is malicious and contemptible.

Granite Staters deserve to understand the truth about laws that affect them. Intentionally fear mongering people with egregious lies should be beneath lawmakers. Not only is it disrespectful to the elected position as a legislator, it is disrespectful to the entire state of New Hampshire. Maybe the legislature should pass a law that makes it illegal for legislators like Wayne Burton to lie about legislation. Less lies and more facts would serve Granite Staters well.