Maggie Hassan gets ‘payback’ from out-of-state gun control groups

Photo by NRA-ILA
Hassan gets pay back for voting with out-of-state gun control organizations. Photo by NRA-ILA

By Kimberly Morin

Today NH1 News announced that a Michael Bloomberg PAC will be spending $2 million on ads against Senator Kelly Ayotte. Bloomberg is the New York City billionaire with armed security who has been pushing gun control around the country. His organizations like Moms Demand and Everytown have been failures in New Hampshire but that hasn’t stopped Maggie Hassan from catering to the out-of-state hoplophobe.

Americans for Responsible Solutions is another gun control organization that is paying Hassan back for her votes against “Constitutional Carry.” This is an organization founded by Mark Kelly who admitted he was only pushing gun control in New Hampshire for political purposes. His organization has paid Hassan back by spending over $1.4 million on ads against Ayotte.

Many people wondered why Hassan continued to allow the abuse of Granite Staters by state employees with her vetoes against House Bill 582 and Senate Bill 116 – both bills would have ended discrimination, racism and abuse at the hands of state employees. Now there’s no longer a need to wonder. It’s become quite clear why Hassan stood with out-of-state gun control groups against the best interest of her own constituents – money.

Maybe that’s also why Hassan finally admitted she is for banning firearms. By admitting this, she could rake in even more money from the same organizations she aligned with while governor of New Hampshire.  From a previous story on Political Buzz:

It’s critical that we work together to expand background checks to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns at gun shows or online.

Jacobs also made it clear that Hassan would ban semi-automatic rifles.

It’s ironic that Hassan and New Hampshire Democrats like to claim Ayotte stands with “special interest” groups as senator. Hassan has stood with special interest groups (from out of state no less) her entire term as governor. Hassan only had to wait a couple of years to get her pay back. She knew she was running for the U.S. Senate seat against Ayotte so she aligned with out-of-state gun controllers early. And now they are paying her back in millions for her gun control support.

Meanwhile, the abuse of New Hampshire residents is allowed to continue. Hassan sold Granite Staters out because her election was more important.