Maggie Hassan patronizes and demeans Granite State women

Hassan patronizes and demeans NH women. Photo from TheAutogear

By Kimberly Morin

Yesterday, Maggie Hassan sent a press release that attempts to highlight her “Priorities for Women and Families” before Women’s Equality Day on Friday. Hassan makes her usual false claims that she’s essentially been making year after year after year. She never does follow through and she continues to patronize women and demean them by treating them as if they are unintelligent with her lies.

Hassan has done absolutely nothing to help women get ahead in the Granite State. It’s ironic she talks about Women’s Right to Vote when she refused to end admitted abuse of women by government employees. Hassan could have voted to progress women’s rights but instead she chose to keep an almost 100-year-old law in place that allows discrimination against women. Hassan knows this happens, her own Department of Safety admitted it but she didn’t care about women’s rights. Why? Because they involve a woman’s right to choose how to protect herself and her family. From the press release:

“As Governor, I have fought to ensure that all Granite State women and families have the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead – and that’s exactly what I will do in the United States Senate,” said Governor Maggie Hassan. “It is unacceptable that Washington is still playing politics with women’s health and economic security. As Senator, I will fight to protect women’s access to affordable, quality health care, support paid family leave and ensure that all Granite Staters earn equal pay for equal work.”

Unfortunately, Hassan isn’t being honest. Hassan supports Obamacare. Obamacare has not only increased the cost of healthcare for women and their families but it limits their choices. Many women can no longer afford to get the healthcare they need in the Granite State because they can’t afford the high deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses thanks to Obamacare. Hassan supports that.

Equal Pay myth and Paycheck Fairness Act failure

The equal pay myth has been debunked for years. Hassan continues to patronize and demean women by telling them they don’t earn equal pay to men. This is not true. Equal Pay has been law since 1963. Hassan was even called out on her lie before but decided she would go with whatever “study” floats her boat rather than the truth.

Hassan is also a supporter of the Paycheck Fairness Act, an Act that will set women back decades in the work place. Because Hassan doesn’t actually care about women or facts that don’t support her “talking points agenda” she won’t bother to research the truth about this either. Many have written about the negative aspects of the Paycheck Fairness Act but Hassan doesn’t care. She does what her political party bosses tell her. It doesn’t matter that women will necessarily be hurt. From The Daily Caller:

The Paycheck Fairness Act will make it harder for women to negotiate their own salaries, and for the company to respond to the needs and demands of those it employs. There are many conceivable reasons a woman might accept a lower salary: perhaps they’d like to market themselves competitively when coming back to work after raising children, or exchange lower pay for flexible hours. Under the Paycheck Fairness Act, these women will find themselves at a disadvantage.

The Act will make it so women can’t earn more and won’t be rewarded more for stellar job performance. Why? Because men will be able to sue under the Paycheck Fairness Act as well. This Act will destroy all that women in the workplace have worked towards for decades. Hassan supports that.

During Hassan’s reign as governor, she vetoed women’s rights; vetoed a budget that would have helped women who were addicted to heroin; voted for medical welfare that keeps women in a cycle of poverty and completely ignored actual women’s issues while making them worse.

Not only is Hassan lying when she claims she cares about women’s issues but she’s actually using women as pawns in her political games. If Hassan actually cared about women, she would have shown this during her reign as governor. All of this while helping her husband cover up sexual abuse at Phillips Exeter Academy. For Hassan and for women, her record speaks for itself. It’s up to women to understand the ramifications of what Hassan has done to them.