Manchester Alderman Bill Barry lies about Constitutional Carry for out-of-state Super PAC

Manchester Alderman Bill Barry during his campaign.

Yesterday, Mark Kelly’s gun control super PAC announced that Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS) will be airing ads attacking Governor Chris Sununu for signing long overdue legislation that ends abuse of New Hampshire citizens. This time the super PAC is using part-time Auburn Police Officer Bill Barry who is also a sitting Manchester Alderman.

What’s interesting is Barry’s background with ARS (pronounced a-r-s-e). Back in 2013 when Barry was running for Manchester Alderman in Ward 10, Barry received a $1,000 contribution from the out-of-state ARS Super PAC. He was questioned about this by Rich Girard of Girard at Large at the time. The amount represented 25% of his total campaign contributions at the time, which is rather large for an alderman’s seat.

Barry wouldn’t go on Girard’s show to answer questions but he did respond to Girard’s questions off air. At first Barry didn’t even know what ARS’s gun control agenda even was before accepting the donation.  Girard questioned him about this. Later, Barry called back and said he does indeed agree with the extreme agenda of ARS – confiscation, gun bans and registration. Apparently out-of-state money from a super PAC is far more important than the wishes of Barry’s own constituents in Manchester Ward 10.

In their announcement, ARS admits they spent almost $3 million to help elect Maggie Hassan to the U.S. Senate. Hassan, who was often accused of being bought off by out-of-state gun control groups which was actually proven to be during the election. Hassan refused to sign the same bill that Sununu signed that ended almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination and racism against Granite Staters, especially women.  Hassan didn’t win because of her extreme gun control stance (she wants to ban firearms), she barely squeaked by and Ayotte was hardly pro-2nd Amendment.  Peter Ambler, Executive Director for ARS said the following:

“Being elected governor doesn’t give you the power to ignore your constituents – especially when it comes to public safety. Voters are going to have a choice to make in 2018 and deserve to know whether their elected officials are working in their best interest.”

Clearly Ambler doesn’t understand Granite Staters. He doesn’t seem to grasp that Governor Sununu did exactly what a majority of his constituents wanted him to do and end discrimination by government officials. Ambler, not being from New Hampshire, doesn’t seem to understand that one of the reasons Sununu was elected over the gun control hack on the Democrat side was because he promised to sign Constitutional Carry into law.

ARS also provides the transcript to the actual ad by Barry. Some of it is listed below with added factual commentary:

The corporate gun lobby likes to say that allowing anyone to carry a hidden gun is safe, but police and law enforcement know – it’s not. There is no way that I want just anyone, regardless of training, practice or motivation, to have a hidden gun around my family.

It was the grassroots in New Hampshire who won the day on Constitutional Carry. It was grassroots organizations that led the fight to pass SB 12 which is one reason Governor Sununu signed it. There are two grassroots organizations in the state – ProGun NH and the Women’s Defense League of NH. There are local organizations that are part of national groups – GONH and NH Firearms Coalition. All of these organizations worked together to pass the legislation. All are people who actually live in New Hampshire.

I was shocked that Gov. Sununu signed SB12, choosing to legalize hidden guns as his first bill signing.

Why would Barry be shocked? This legislation passed both houses two times in the previous years. It was bought-and-paid-for Democrat Maggie Hassan who vetoed the legislation. Sununu didn’t “legalize” hidden guns. He ended almost 100 years of discrimination against his own constituents. Apparently Barry doesn’t realize criminals never asked for permission to carry concealed.

What this really boils down to is politics. These people don’t care about safety. They care about electing Democrats into office who will push gun control down the throats of Granite Staters. ARS is nothing but another left wing tentacle of the Democrat Party who care nothing about the truth or the people of the Granite State. Mark Kelly admitted they were only in New Hampshire previously due to politics.

It also seems Barry believes that law-abiding citizens who carry concealed are all criminals. This seems to be the new talking point for Democrats in New Hampshire. Senate Democrats Jeff Woodburn and Lou D’Allesandro made the same claims about their constituents during the SB 12 hearing. It’s unbecoming of any elected official to call his own constituents criminals. It’s egregious of a police officer to spew lies about the law he’s supposed to enforce.

A question to ponder: Is Barry being paid to sell out his own constituents for this ad or will he once again receive campaign funds from the out-of-state gun control super PAC?


Political Buzz reached out to Barry for comment but he had not responded as of publishing time.