Manchester ‘Officer of the Year’ ignored complaints about Derry ‘drug home’ rental

Photo scraped from MPD's Public Facebook page

On Monday, Manchester Police Officer, Derek Cataldo, was awarded ‘Officer of the Year’ by the Manchester Police Department. This is the same officer who owns the home in Derry which was recently hit by a drive-by shooting. The suspect is still at large but one of the residents of the home, 19-year-old Patrick Roche, was arrested for “possession of a controlled drug with the intent to distribute, and manufacturing a controlled drug.”

Police acquired a search warrant after the shooting rocked the quiet, upper middle class neighborhood in Derry in the early morning hours last week. Police found a large amount of marijuana, marijuana plants as well as cash and firearms. It’s unclear why only Roche was arrested.

Cataldo claims to have evicted Frank and Kathy Wool because Roche wasn’t on the lease but Roche has been living there for well over a year. He is the son of Kathy Wool by a previous marriage. He also works for the Wools’ business in Londonderry, Express Auto Body and Collision. Roche was living at the officer’s Derry rental when he was arrested in June of 2015 for possession of “controlled/narcotic drugs.”

Political Buzz spoke with neighbors who have asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. They all said they had been complaining about the Wools and the goings on in Cataldo’s Derry home for a while but all complaints fell on deaf ears.  Neighbors say there are out-of-state vehicles that would show up in the wee hours of the morning, stay a few minutes, then leave. The Derry Police went to the home often because of parties or domestic disturbances.

Drivers who left the home allegedly drunk were reported. There is also the time when the Wool’s pitbull had to be captured by Derry Police and animal control because it was at one of the neighbor’s homes threatening the family. It was in July 2016 that Frank Wool was arrested after his SUV shot through the neighborhood, crashing into a neighbor’s shed and crashing into a fence. The case is still pending and it’s unclear what charges will be filed.

The Wools and/or visitors to the home have been a danger to this neighborhood for years and Officer Cataldo knew all about it but did absolutely nothing. This is a neighborhood filled with families with children.  This is an upper middle class neighborhood in Derry with the average value of homes around $400,000 and up.

It’s an otherwise quiet neighborhood where people walk their dogs on the street and kids play in the yards. The entire neighborhood has been under threat for years and Officer Cataldo did nothing about it despite angry complaints and desperate pleas of neighbors.

What’s disturbing is Cataldo is supposed to “protect and serve” and just received an award for being “Officer of the Year” but he didn’t care about the safety and welfare of the little kids in the neighborhood where he rented a home to a known habitual offender. He didn’t care about the ongoing criminal offenses committed by people renting his home even when complained to by neighbors.

Worthy to note, Officer Cataldo is the Manchester Police Officer who arrested an 18-year-old in 2015 for parking in what he called a “predictive hot spot.” The teen wasn’t actually breaking any laws or committing a crime but was stopped, searched and then arrested for resisting.