New Hampshire Democrats have absolutely nothing to offer voters

NH Democrats - lies, disruption, division - that's all they have to offer voters.

By Kimberly Morin

Every day it seems there’s some faux outrage or another coming from Democrats in New Hampshire. They supported Obamacare that was passed based on their own lies and as a result Granite Staters lost their health insurance, doctors and even hospitals. When they did get new health insurance plans, the premiums and deductibles were so expensive, Granite Staters couldn’t afford to actually use healthcare. Suddenly, the people who lied about their own failed healthcare debacle are experts on the plan to repeal and replace that Republicans passed. Go figure.

New Hampshire Democrats have done nothing to work with Governor Sununu. They showed their disgusting religious bigotry when his nominee for Education Commissioner was questioned during his nomination hearing. When the people spoke that they wanted change, and Frank Edelblut’s nomination was approved by the Executive Council (except for the religious bigoted Democrats), the left decided to send paid left wing organizations to disrupt an Edelblut town hall.

Granite State Progress, an out-of-state funded extreme left wing organization, worked directly with Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky to create the religious bigotry ploy against Edelblut. GSP then decided to be disruptive at Edelblut’s town hall. And remember, they were paid to be there. While other parents and educators wanted to actually hear what Edelblut had to say, they were there only to disrupt. At the end of the town hall, security was close to Edelblut because Democrats have become so unhinged.

Then of course Democrats welcomed more out-of-state extreme left wing organizations into the state when they tried to shove the ‘Trans Bill’ down Granite Staters’ throats. Their narrative was not only filled with lies but they painted anyone who dared care about preserving WOMEN’S RIGHTS as ‘transphobic.’ The truth is transpeople have been able to use the same discrimination laws that all other humans in the state can use, for years. Democrats never let facts get in the way of their feelings.

You cannot forget their manufactured lies about food stamp reform as well. Democrats never want reforms of huge welfare programs; they prefer to keep residents dependent upon the state and taxpayers. An independent citizen who doesn’t rely on Democrats to keep pumping welfare to them, doesn’t vote Democrat. It doesn’t matter that reforms in other states have indeed proven people are lifted up out of poverty because these able-bodied, childless adults could work all this time. Of course, they aren’t required to with the handouts taxpayers are paying for that need reform.

Now Democrats have welcomed yet another out-of-state organization into the state by claiming Republicans are trying to suppress the vote of out-of-state college students. Students who pay out-of-state tuition at New Hampshire colleges aren’t smart enough to ‘adult’ like normal adults so they must be allowed to vote in a state where they are only attending school temporarily. Democrats don’t care that a majority of ACTUAL Granite Staters want integrity in their elections. Most people in New Hampshire don’t appreciate that thousands from Massachusetts voted in their elections.

One cannot forget the current faux outrage of some female Democrat legislators who are falsely claiming there is a ‘rape culture’ of ‘misogyny’ at the state house. These women are the same women who marched around in p*ssy hats with some of the most hypocritical signs you can imagine in Concord. These are the same women who supported either Bernie Sanders, who claimed all women fantasize about rape; or Hillary Clinton, who actually victimized her husband’s sexual assault victims. These are the same Democrat women who were against ending actual discrimination against women, minorities and their supposed LGBTQ allies when it comes to the state.

New Hampshire Democrats literally have nothing to offer Granite State voters other than manufactured outrage, disruption, division and lies. Voters soundly rejected their gubernatorial candidate who cared more about a choo choo train to nowhere than actual economic policies which would benefit the state without taxpayers having to foot the bill. New Hampshire Democrats refuse to actually participate like adults at the state house and have done nothing but continually slam Governor Sununu, even when he has ideas and proposals they AGREE with.

Either Democrats are relying too heavily on out-of-state funded extreme left wing organizations or they simply don’t care that a majority of voters in the Granite State are not left wing extremists. A majority of voters are Independents who are typically fiscally conservative and socially moderate.  Democrats are neither. New Hampshire Democrats have absolutely nothing to offer voters other than hatred, vitriol, discord and extremism that aligns with California or Massachusetts, not the Granite State.