New Hampshire House Review: ‘Red Pill’ versus ‘Rep Rage’

Representatives Fisher and Frost will go before a committee about their behavior on social media.

Yesterday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to have a committee look into the online behavior of two state representatives – Republican Robert Fisher and Democrat Sherry Frost. The saga in the house started months ago when Frost was elected in an uncontested race in Dover. She went from being someone no one ever heard of to having the nickname of Sherry ‘F*cker’ Frost due to her outrageous behavior on social media.

The insanity with Frost was first discovered in January of 2017. The newly elected representative didn’t like that the New Hampshire Senate passed Right-to-Work or Constitutional Carry and she let the world know it. Unfortunately, she behaved in a way that was immature, disrespectful and beneath the seat of a sitting representative. From Political Buzz:

Frost sent out a tweet notifying her followers of the passages out of committee and decided to call the senators on the committees “f*ckers” for passing legislation she disagrees with based on her personal ideology. Many representatives disagree with each other when it comes to legislation, ideology and public policy but they typically air their disagreements with at least a bit of decorum and respect since they are sitting members of the New Hampshire Legislature. Members who are representing constituents in their districts and the state of New Hampshire to the outside world.

Nothing happened to Frost as a result, she was not censured for her deplorable behavior nor did she stop. She continued to tweet to the public and even denigrated a New Hampshire citizen who was testifying before her committee WHILE the citizen was testifying. Frost actually posted a photo of the person’s name on Twitter:

No legislator should ever discourage Granite Staters from testifying on legislation. It’s one of the few times citizens can actually make their voices heard in the legislature. It’s one of the great things about local government. It’s unfortunate for New Hampshire that a state representative doesn’t seem to appreciate the voices of her own constituents or fellow citizens.

Still, nothing happened as a result of this horrific treatment of a fellow Granite Stater testifying before her committee. The committee chair may have had a word with her but nothing was ever publicly stated. Frost continued with her outrageous behavior when she posted that some people (anyone who doesn’t agree with her extreme far left wing ideology) make her feel homicidal. Mind you, she was talking again about New Hampshire Legislators:

It is the public decline of the sanity of someone who is highlighting her regression for the whole world to see. Unfortunately she happens to be a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Frost votes; she sits on a committee; she interacts with legislators, constituents and the public in general. It’s unclear why House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff hasn’t demanded her resignation. Is it because she’s a woman?

There were many more social media posts from Frost that deserve to be discussed but that would make this article far too long. The woman has publicly posted her insanity for months since becoming an elected representative and no one has done anything to teach her to behave like an actual human being. It’s understandable for the opposition to get upset over votes they lose but it is completely unacceptable to treat your fellow legislators as Frost has treated them. What’s worse is how she treated Granite Staters testifying before her committee.

And that brings us to Representative Fisher, who no one ever heard of before either. A left wing blog somehow and ‘unexpectedly’ decided to research a random website called “Red Pill.” This blog suddenly discovered that a New Hampshire state representative posted ridiculous, misogynistic and outrageous statements, ANONYMOUSLY, on this site several years ago. They somehow thought that would be relevant to today.

The Daily Beast even tried to feign that Fisher was writing on Red Pill while he was a state representative even though they admit he rarely contributed to the site after 2014. New Hampshire Democrats have been conducting a witch hunt on Fisher and the entire Republican Party as if he represents all of them or as if they believe the things he said on the site. Of course, it appears that Fisher didn’t write much on the site once becoming a state rep.

What happened here is Fisher posted some pretty vile things anonymously on a website he created before becoming a state representative. Fisher never posted any of his deplorable statements while representing his constituents or the State of New Hampshire. Frost, on the other hand, posted all of her despicable statements AS a New Hampshire State Representative from her public account on Twitter where she represents her constituents, the New Hampshire Legislature and the State of New Hampshire.