New Hampshire woman proves a firearm is indeed an equalizer

Photo by Kimberly Morin

Yesterday it was reported that a Manchester woman was stalked and attacked at her apartment complex on her way home from work. The attacker clearly thought the woman was just your regular, everyday elderly woman but boy was he in for a surprise.

Not only was the woman using “situational awareness” by paying attention to what was going on around her but she was armed in case she needed to defend herself. In this case she did, much to the dismay of her attacker who was literally twice her size.

From the Londonderry Patch:

“She looked and observed a white male with a dark hooded sweatshirt quickly approach her, run past her, and immediately block her path,” O’Keefe stated in a press release. “The male then reached out and attempted to grab her.”

The woman withdrew her handgun from her pocket and shot the man – later identified as Bontaites – in the chest once, at close range, and then ran inside her apartment building and called 911.

The woman is a tiny 4’11” woman weighing all of 105 pounds according to reports. Her attacker is 5’11” and 200 pounds. It would be almost impossible for this woman to physically protect herself against a man this size who also happens to be much younger at 23.

The woman has a pistol license in New Hampshire and shaken by the incident but extremely glad she is a proponent of concealed carry. According to a report by New Hampshire 1 News the woman said the following when interviewed:

You know it was awful. Carry protection – because you never know where or when, and obviously it can happen anywhere at anytime.

This perfectly demonstrates how women are indeed targets of criminals and why a firearm is an equalizer. No one knows the true intentions of her attacker but it was clear he targeted her due to her age, size and the fact she was alone. That she was carrying concealed not only held an element of surprise for her attacker but it saved her from being attacked and maybe even saved her life.



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