NH Rep. John Mann thinks parents are too stupid to make educational decisions

NH House: No 1st Amendment Rights in committee work sessions?

HYPOCRISY: Democrats and Volinsky feign outrage over Edelblut contribution

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Bedford elections: Does Chris Bandazian have connection to the unwanted cell phone tower?

NH Democrats and Trans activists spent weeks SMEARING the Granite State

Freedom Fraud: Trans activists are lying to Granite Staters about ‘Gender Identity’ bill

‘Gender Identity’ bill creates special class of people while infringing on rights of women and girls

There are lies, gun control lies and Durham Democrat Wayne Burton lies

Government meddling with hourly wages is not necessary in New Hampshire

UPDATED: Raymond Board of Selectmen verifies story after calling it ‘fake news’

Unpaid taxes and contaminated hides: There’s something rotten in the Town of Raymond

The ‘Easy Access Sexual Predator bill’ just passed in a NH House Committee

NH Police Chief makes outrageous claims about Constitutional Carry

NH Legislators vote against ‘Worker Freedom’ and against their constituents

Food Stamp reform Introduced In New Hampshire Senate

SURVEY: Majority in NH support Right to Work, including union members  

Voter fraud exists in NH. Just ask Democrat Ed Naile who has been investigating for years

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NH Representative Sherry Frost’s rude behavior rears its ugly head again

‘Constitutional Carry’ passes in NH: Grassroots activists win the day

California gun control bill ‘shot down’ by NH House Committee

Nashua Representative Patricia Klee calls victim of PRL abuse a ‘liar’

NY gun control organization takes out bogus ad about ‘Constitutional Carry’

Edelblut Hearing: An embarrassing, bigoted witch hunt led by Democrat Andru Volinsky

HYPOCRISY: Andru Volinsky is for NH public schools, just not for his OWN children

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New Hampshire celebrates National School Choice Week

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AFP brings series of Right-to-Work town halls to New Hampshire

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NH gun control bill will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals

Right-to-Work states spend less on education, get more value for students

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Liberty House: 2nd annual Army vs Navy fundraiser for veterans

Medical Association ignores their own real health crisis to push gun control

Has Dover Democrat Sherry Frost brought an all new low to the NH House?

Medical Association ignores their own real health crisis to push gun control

Liberty House: 2nd annual Army vs Navy fundraiser for veterans

AFP-NH’s 2016 Conservative and Activist of the Year Awards

NH bureaucrats now want to hurt your pets with the drug database

Frank Edelblut wins ‘Conservative of the Year’ award from AFP

The truth about Fidel Castro: Dictator, murderer, oppressor of Cubans

3rd Annual Turkey Awards in New Hampshire politics

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Public education test results are dismal. Schools are failing NH children

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Carol Shea-Porter continues her egregious lies about Obamacare

Bloomberg tries to buy Peggy Gilmour’s senate seat to push NY-style gun control

Rindge Official: Voters can’t be trusted to vote how we want

Democrats revere sexual deviants, claim outrage over Trump

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Children’s Scholarship Fund: Helping more N.H. children be successful

NH ‘Ballot Selfie Ban’ Ruled Unconstitutional

Portsmouth Police Commissioner Joe Plaia lies about guns in ad

Senate Democrats allow NH police chiefs to continue abusing citizens

NH Democrats change dinner to honor a womanizer and accused rapist

A weekend at the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference: Safest place in Tampa

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Frank Edelblut for Governor: The only candidate who walks the walk

Medical Marijuana users in NH lose 2nd Amendment Rights

Maggie Hassan patronizes and demeans Granite State women

Jim Lawrence on Medical Marijuana and 2nd Amendment Rights

Right to Work would help New Hampshire’s economy and worker freedom

Maggie Hassan gets ‘payback’ from out-of-state gun control groups

Senator Jeff Woodburn is nothing but a poverty pimp

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Historic corruption between Mayor Gatsas, Aldermen and developers in Manchester?

Americans for Prosperity informs Joe LaChance constituents about Medicaid Expansion vote

‘Balsams Boondoggle’ balloons to $40 million in taxpayer-backed funding

Judge rules in favor of Mike Gill and Aaron Day: Denies ‘gag order’ request

Hypocrisy: Hassan says Trump hurts Ayotte. Has amnesia about vile Clinton history

Jeanie Forrester is lying about her record on Obamacare

The truth about Mayor Ted Gatsas and Common Core in Manchester

Nancy Steenson isn’t fit to be senator for New Hampshire’s 23rd district

Climate Alarmists – Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at Risk from Sea Level Rise

Maggie Hassan has a problem with her husband’s ‘sex scandal’ cover up

Is NH hands free law working?

Black Lives Matter protesters: Pawns of radical leftists?

Maggie Hassan wants to ban due process and all semi-automatic rifles

Democrats refuse to acknowledge the 2nd largest Islamic Terrorist Act in U.S.

NH Representative Woitkun and others targeted for ‘anti-worker freedom’ votes

Ayotte and Shaheen vote for Radical Obama Bill that will hurt your Neighborhood

Hassan vetoes bill that would end abuse of New Hampshire Citizens

2nd Annual ‘Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights’ rally in New Hampshire

‘Take your blood money and lobbyists and go back to New York. This is NH.’

Everytown seeks to push New York-style gun control in New Hampshire

Ayotte supports CASA Act that could destroy your sons in college

Hassan and NH Bureaucrats know better than your doctor how to treat your pain

NH Department of Safety admits discriminatory practices in pistol licensing

Everytown hires Republican-owned NH lobbying firm to push gun control

Equal Pay Day: Governor Hassan continues to patronize NH women with her lies about equal pay

Trump team uses Clinton tactics: Victimize the victim

Trump Calls WI Radio Host ‘Naïve’ for Telling Truth About Melania Photo

Kasich admits to shoving Medicaid Expansion through Ohio without legislature

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John Kasich lied to the NH House about Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion

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New Hampshire woman proves a firearm is indeed an equalizer

House Democrats keep racism and discrimination alive in New Hampshire

Rape survivor and victim advocate calls out Hillary Clinton in Derry

Study: New Hampshire is one of the ‘safest places on planet earth’

Mark Kelly admits to pushing gun control in NH for political gain

Mark Kelly pushes new gun control group in NH while lying about gun stats

Planned Parenthood supporters ‘dehumanize’ abortion rather than speak the truth

There are lies, damn lies and Democrat ‘Jefferson-Jackson Dinner’ lies

Did Nashua violate New Hampshire Election laws?

Everytown’s gun control: Registration, confiscation and more gun free zones