NH Delegation attends ‘Defending the American Dream Summit’

Defending the American Dream Summit
NH Delegation of AFP attend the Defending the American Dream Summit. Photo by Kimberly Morin

By Kimberly Morin

Over the weekend, the New Hampshire delegation for Americans for Prosperity (AFP) attended the annual “Defending the American Dream Summit” in Orlando, Florida. The summit is put on every year by Americans for Prosperity to celebrate their top activists; provide training and working sessions and a slate of exceptional speakers who support the similar ideology of smaller government and more freedom.

This year’s working sessions featured leaders like Anita Moncrief, activist and ACORN whistleblower, who ran a session called “Lessons from the Left” and another on fighting the “Culture War.” Duane Lester, writer and activist from Missouri, who ran a session about “The Cloward-Piven Strategy.” There were also panels about free speech, economic freedom, Obamacare and Removing Barriers to Opportunity: How free market reforms can uplift the poor.

The speaker line up featured authors, politicians and former Presidential candidates such as Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Carly Fiorina. Authors Arthur Brooks of The Conservative Heart and Peter Schweizer of Clinton Cash also spoke. The keynote speaker at the end of the event was Member of European Parliament, author and conservative activist, Daniel Hannan.

Value of the Summit for New Hampshire Activists

Members of the New Hampshire delegation were able to meet other activists, participate in breakout sessions and meet some of the motivational speakers during the event. New Hampshire State Director Greg Moore explained the value of the event:

Our Defending the Dream Summit gives our activists a chance to see that they truly are part of a much larger movement of individuals looking improve the wellbeing of America with economic freedom. The Summit creates so much value for our activists by allowing people from across the country to share knowledge and get top notch training to be even more successful. Hearing from some of the top conservative leaders in the country is just one more added benefit.

AFP activists in New Hampshire make phone calls regarding important issues in the state as well as go door to door explaining issues in the legislature to residents. They have recently door knocked in areas where certain Republican politicians have voted for bigger government or are against more freedom.

AFP does not endorse candidates but is an issue-based organization. The organization also conducts studies such as their most recent on “Right to Work.” Now that the delegation is back in New Hampshire, they will continue knocking on doors and making phone calls to inform Granite Staters about important issues that affect everyone in the state.

The video below was released by Americans for Prosperity and even features some New Hampshire Activists: