NH bureaucrats now want to hurt your pets with the drug database

NH Bureaucrats want your pets to suffer. Photo by Kimberly Morin

Yesterday it was reported in the Union Leader that the bureaucrats making the rules for New Hampshire’s “druggie database” now want to require Veterinarians to not only add certain medications for pets into the database but they want to require vets to look up the human owners of said pets to check on THEIR information in the database. Recall the database was put into place to try and somehow stop drug addicts from getting more of the drugs they are addicted to.

Of course, a majority of people in the state are not drug addicts nor will they ever become drug addicts but bureaucrats don’t care about that. All people put into the druggie database are guilty before innocent just based on being in the database. One of the biggest problems with this database is of all the information they require doctors to input, they don’t require doctors or medical professionals or vets to include WHY someone may be taking a particular medication.

Bureaucrats and your pets

It’s bad enough these bureaucrats are coming in between doctors and their patients. Bureaucrats who know nothing about the medical conditions of those being treated. Now they want to further ignorantly intrude into the medical welfare of your pets? According to the Union Leader, the state’s veterinarian, Dr. Stephen Crawford, said the following:

There are ethical problems with the requirement, Crawford said in an interview. “It’s inappropriate and illegal for someone who’s not a human medical professional to make a medical determination about human beings,” he said.

“If a veterinarian accessed the database and found out that a client of theirs had been prescribed some opioid, what do they do with that information?” he asked.

He said some vets have told him they might stop prescribing painkillers that are subject to the PDMP, which in many cases are “the best line of pain control.”

“It would fundamentally change how a lot of practices have to operate,” he said.

Representative Carol McGuire is writing legislation to remove vets from this requirement. As she points out in the article, why would a drug addict pay the money for a vet visit to get pain meds when they could get them cheaper on the street? This ruling from out-of-touch bureaucrats further proves why this drug database is wrong for New Hampshire. It’s bad enough they are getting in between patients and their doctors but now they want to get in between your pet and their doctor? Not only do these bureaucrats want to make people in pain suffer but now they want to make your beloved pets suffer as well.