NH Democrats and Trans activists spent weeks SMEARING the Granite State

Yesterday, House Bill 478, aka the ‘Gender Identity’ bill was tabled for this session by the New Hampshire House of Representatives. It was tabled first in the morning and then again in the early evening. The legislation was pushed on the Granite State by an out-of-state funded organization based in Colorado and supported monetarily by left wing millionaires and billionaires.

Was there a problem in New Hampshire? No. Transgenders weren’t being thrown out of bathrooms or other facilities they chose to use. Transgenders weren’t being discriminated against that anyone is aware of. Under current New Hampshire laws, all people are provided the same protections against discrimination, including transgenders. And yes, they have used the current laws to file complaints.

You wouldn’t know that from the out-of-state trans activists that swarmed here and not only got Democrats to smear their own state but some Republicans as well. For decades, Granite Staters have been living with and working with transgenders and it hasn’t been an issue. Suddenly in 2017 it is? Not quite.  These people had an agenda that is nefarious and sought to squelch Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech.

The irony is that no one can point to any specific case where a transgender was discriminated against and unable to file discrimination charges. If there was indeed a problem, certainly the good people of New Hampshire would address the issue, not by law but through their own behavior because that’s how Granite Staters roll. New Hampshire is one of the most tolerant states in the country. The people living here (unless you are of the left wing ilk) take the state moto of “Live Free or Die” seriously.

What is truly ironic is the nerve of Democrats to pretend they care about discrimination against the LGBTQ community. These same hacks spent over 2 years voting AGAINST ending potential discrimination against all New Hampshire residents, including the LGBTQ community when it came to pistol/revolver licensing. Suddenly they feign to care about discrimination against transgenders? Democrat Sherry Frost called New Hampshire State Senators “f*ckers” for daring to pass a law that would end any discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

Women and parents of daughters were called “transphobic” or “bigots’ if they dared to express their concerns about safety. The new law would have allowed anyone, including criminals intent on seeking out new female victims, to use facilities that are currently “sex-protected.” They were told they were fearmongering even though there are valid cases that prove criminals have indeed used “gender identity” laws to gain access to female victims. Women and girls’ safety is apparently not an issue for Democrats or out-of-state trans activists being paid by millionaire LGBTQ philanthropists. Their concerns are real. The cases of men exploiting these laws are real.

Once again the grassroots people of New Hampshire won against out-of-state lobbyists. It seems Democrats like to talk against outside money all while rolling in it like a dog rolling in its own poo. The smearing of Granite Staters should not be forgotten. These people will come back and New Hampshire activists and residents should be ready. The people of New Hampshire deserve to be treated better than how they have been treated by Democrats and these left wing lobbyists because despite what these people say, New Hampshire is a tolerant, accepting and equality-loving state.