NH Democrats change dinner to honor a womanizer and accused rapist

From slave owners to womanizers, the NHDP fails. Photo from NHPR's public Twitter page.

Yesterday it was reported by NHPR that the New Hampshire Democrat Party has decided to change the name of their annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Apparently they decided to change the name due to controversy about slavery. But who did Democrats decide to honor instead? John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. A womanizer and a man accused by multiple women of sexual assault and accused at least once of actual rape.

Not only would JFK not be a part of the Democrat Party today because they have veered to the far left but why would a party who claims to support women honor a man who was well known for his philandering, including with prostitutes while he was President. From Forbes:

Kennedy’s unrestrained sexual appetite threatened his personal and political safety. It also alienated some of the men who were assigned to protect him. Larry Newman remembered the “morale problems” that the president’s indiscretions caused among his fellow Secret Service agents. “You were on the most elite assignment in the Secret Service, and you were there watching an elevator or a door because the president was inside with two hookers,” said Newman. “It just didn’t compute. Your neighbors and everybody thought you were risking your life, and you were actually out there to see that he’s not disturbed while he’s having an interlude in the shower with two gals from Twelfth Avenue.”

On top of that they honor Bill Clinton? A man who was not only accused of rape but was accused by multiple women over the years of sexual assault. Clinton actually settled a lawsuit over his sexual assault to the tune of $850,000. The only reason he wasn’t charged with sexual assault in the criminal case was because the judge at the time didn’t believe that his behavior was considered sexual assault. Clinton was also fined over $90,000 for lying under oath during the case. From the LAtimes:

The federal judge who found President Clinton in contempt of court last April levied a penalty of $90,686 against him Thursday, making him the first chief executive ever assessed such a payment.

Repeating her condemnation of Clinton for lying under oath in the Paula Corbin Jones sexual harassment lawsuit, U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright said that she was imposing the sanction to cover some of Jones’ legal expenses and “to deter others who might consider emulating the president’s misconduct.”

Not only that but Clinton was also a womanizer, admitting affairs with Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky (after first lying about them). Of course, his “affair” with Lewinsky was gross misconduct by the most powerful man in the world over a young woman. Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with this Neanderthal behavior as long as the man has a “D” next to his name.

New Hampshire Democrats shift gears from honoring men who owned slaves to men who treated women like sex slaves to be used and/or abused at their whim. How can the New Hampshire Democrat Party look any woman in the eye and honestly claim they support women? Better question – how can any self-respecting woman support a party who clearly has little to no respect for women?