NH Democrats Continue to Lie about Election Commission  

Rep Shurtleff spreading lies and Fake News to State Reps

Yesterday, New Hampshire’s Democrat Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff, sent an email to fellow legislators that not only contained lies about the voter database but also contained more ‘Fake News’ he perpetrated by the left. Shurtleff’s letter requests fellow legislators sign a petition to hold a special session to vote on whether or not Secretary of State Bill Gardner should share New Hampshire’s voter database with the Election Commission.

In Shurtleff’s email, he makes claims that imply voter information, which his own political party sells to out-of-state organizations, isn’t already public:

Many people across our state are concerned about the release of their voter information to the federal government, where it will then become public information.

This isn’t true of course, voter information is public, including the record that a voter actually voted in an election. Who a person votes for isn’t public knowledge, names aren’t on ballots, but that a person voted indeed is public knowledge.

Shurtleff also makes the following claim:

According to NCSL, there are currently 44 states that have raised concerns about submitting this information.

The truth that Shurtleff isn’t telling

NCSL is the National Conference of State Legislatures. They got their information from CNN. That right there should be all one needs to know but even in CNN’s report, although they make false statements in their video header, their own report shows that 44 states did not raise concerns. In fact, a majority of states are providing the public information that is already available on their public voter database.

11 states are refusing to provide the information, some because of their own state laws. It was only 16 states that expressed concerns and that number includes some of the 11 who refuse to share the data; other states sharing concerns still provided the public information.

Needless to say, that doesn’t stop New Hampshire Democrats from lying about both the public availability of the information or what other states are saying and/or doing. You can read Shurtleff’s full email below:



Vice-President Mike Pence tweeted out the truth early in the day with a letter from the commission:

Democrat hypocrisy and the New Hampshire voter database

What is truly ironic, is Democrats across the country have previously sent out mailers telling voters they know who voted or not, even including their neighbors’ names and voting records. According to some, the New Hampshire Democrat Party previously did this type of thing as well:

To be clear, Republicans across the country have done this as well but Republicans aren’t lying that voter information isn’t already public like New Hampshire Democrats continue to do.

This is on top of the fact that New Hampshire Democrats actually sell voter information as previously reported:

What’s ironic is the Democrats fought to be able to sell information from the New Hampshire voter database in 2007. Democrats were apparently getting $65,000 to sell voter database lists to presidential campaigns back then. The price is probably much higher now but their hypocrisy is priceless.

The State of New Hampshire already shares public voter information with 28 other states and as a result, they’ve discovered almost 95,000 who are registered to vote in New Hampshire are also registered to vote in other states:

In New Hampshire, the data shows 94,610 duplicate voters also registered in 27 other states. Just less than half – 40,364 voters – are registered in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. In both Maine and New Hampshire, 13,370 duplicate names with the same birthdates were found, according to the data.

This does not mean voters committed voter fraud and illegally voted in two states. It does means there is a problem with duplicate voter registrations across state lines which could allow for voter fraud.

What voters want

Democrats have spent an inordinate amount of time pushing lies about public voter information. Now Shurtleff wants to waste $16,000 calling for a special session to approve giving publicly available voter data to the Election Commission. A commission that New Hampshire’s own Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, Democrat, is a part of.

Obama had an Election Commission and Democrats didn’t complain. Trump has one that wants to actually make recommendations (that’s all the commission can do is make recommendations) to instill integrity in elections and New Hampshire Democrats are losing their minds.

A majority of voters, across the board, don’t believe there is integrity in elections according to a Gallup Poll in 2016:

Why is it Democrats aren’t supporting the will of the people, again?