NH Democrats Embarrass Themselves with Lawsuit Over Election Law Bill

Photo by Reuters
NH Dems are wasting taxpayer $$ on frivoulous lawsuit.

Today it was reported by WMUR that the New Hampshire Democrat Party is filing a lawsuit over Senate Bill 3 (SB3), AN ACT relative to domicile for voting purposes. The bill was passed by both the house and senate and was signed by Governor Sununu in July. The bill not only had the support of a majority of Granite Staters who demand integrity in elections but it was supported by Secretary of State Bill Gardner, a Democrat, who also testified in support of the bill during hearings.

According to WMUR, the lawsuit was filed today in Hillsborough Superior Court claiming that voters having to prove they actually reside in the state of New Hampshire will impose “several brand new, highly confusing, unnecessary and intimidating hurdles to voting.”

Apparently, actually residing in the state and having an ID to prove one lives in the states is too much to ask of Democrat voters. Of course, a majority of Democrats actually believe in voter ID laws, it’s only leadership that thinks their members are too stupid to get the proper ID, which is highly insulting in its own right.

Granite Staters have been demanding more integrity in elections for years. During the 2016 election alone, over 1,400 voters had no ID while over 6,000 had out-of-state IDs or non-driver license identification.

Given many elections are very close in the state, even one fraudulent vote can make a difference in who represents the voters. One fraudulent vote takes away the legitimate vote of someone who actually lives in New Hampshire, pays taxes in the state and can serve on jury duty (Note: out-of-state college students who temporarily reside in New Hampshire for school cannot serve on a jury because they aren’t considered actual residents. These same students also pay out-of-state tuition.)

While Democrats have finally admitted there is some voter fraud, it took years for them to do so, even as their own party members were caught fraudulently voting in the state. It is Democrat Ed Naile who has been researching voter fraud for years in New Hampshire and has caught many voters who should have been prosecuted:

Democrat Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers has been investigating voter fraud in New Hampshire for years. He has case after case of voter fraud on his website that somehow never get prosecuted by New Hampshire’s Attorney Generals. It was discovered only this week by Tony Schinella at the Patch that the attorney general stopped investigating same-day registration affidavits to see if they were valid back in 2012. From The Patch:

Back in 2013, LaBonte and Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan confirmed that both departments were analyzing the more than 20,000 affidavit votes cast in the 2012 election, including voters who registered to vote but couldn’t prove identity, age, or citizenship but were allowed to anyway, voters that couldn’t document where they lived but were allowed to vote anyway, and voters with no identification at all but were allowed to vote anyway. Altogether, of the more than 20,000 voters, about 4,400 voters could not be reached by mail or did not return information to the Secretary of State’s Office.

The investigation into all the voter affidavits was supposed to be completed by July 2013. At the time, officials thought they could get it done and the investigatory process would be worth it. Somewhere along the way, the investigation was dropped.

The New Hampshire Republican Party released the following statement about the Democrats’ frivolous lawsuit:

Once again, Democrats are on the wrong side of Granite Staters. They no longer have anything to offer voters so they appear to be throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks. Their lawsuit will get shot down by the Supreme Court, if it gets that far from a sympathetic left-wing judge. This while they waste taxpayer dollars for the suit.

In the meantime, the people of New Hampshire, who actually want integrity in the elections, will know exactly which party seeks to allow voter fraud and out-of-state voters to make decisions that affect the people who actually reside in the state.