NH Democrats on the same side as ‘Big Oil’ with Paris Accord

NH Dems stand with 'Big Oil' Photo from Countercurrents.

By Steve MacDonald

When Donald Trump announced his administration’s departure from the Paris Climate Accords the usual suspects came out and said the usual things. The Democrats, environmental left, and the media have been grinding their anti-Trump axes on this for weeks, all the while forgetting to mention how they are also siding with Big Oil.

Big Oil does not want Mr. Trump to back out of that agreement. Big Oil Loves the Paris Accords. From NaturalGas Intel.com:

ExxonMobil had doubled down on urging the Trump administration to remain in the pact.

ExxonMobil CEO Darren Woods during the annual meeting on Wednesday reiterated his support, noting he had sent two personal letters to President Trump imploring him to “maintain a seat at the negotiating table.” Woods wrote in a letter last week, “The United States is well positioned to compete within the framework of the Paris agreement with abundant low-carbon resources such as natural gas, as well as innovative private industries including the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors.”

But wait. New Hampshire’s all Gurl, all Dem Congressional delegation isn’t just siding with Big Oil Climate Cult anti-christ ExxonMobil. They are siding with all the Big Players in the fossil fuel energy evil empire:

For ConocoPhillips and Exxon—as well the non-U.S. oil and gas heavyweights; BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Eni, Total, and Statoil—backing the Paris Agreement is not just riding the trend of increasingly environmentally-conscious businesses. Those companies with operations all over the world stand to benefit from the Paris Agreement because the nations’ efforts to cut carbon emissions will lead to transitioning from coal-fired plants to gas-fired plants. And natural gas is quite a substantial portion of all those majors’ businesses, investments, and profits.

Let’s cut through the PR here. The real reason these big players support Paris is that it adds regulatory pressure and operating costs that smaller upstarts can’t as easily afford. It lets them protect their monopolies. The Paris Climate Accord is good for Big Oil’s stock price and market share.

The Paris accords, like most progressive ideas, favor a few large players with whom the government elites are comfortable. Industry kings and queens at the top of the food chain with the resources to keep their political friends in power. And it’s easier to eliminate competition through government force than by pleasing customers and running a lean operation.

With the help of Paris, the big boys stay fat and crush the little guys. Democrat leadership knows this. They are lying if they try to convince you otherwise.

Rank and file progressives who think their Democrat-Socialist politicians care about the environment might be disappointed to learn that much like every other issue or interest the Democrat party claims to champion this is little more than green cover for advancing a globalist political class oligarchy that includes them and big business.

And it hardly matters if the Kuster, Shea-Porter, Shaheen, Hassan cabal is aping party narrative out of ignorance or because they understand the mission. The outcome is the same. Fewer choices and higher prices that crush small businesses. A plan that leaves Liberal dupes and progressive rubes like these folks in Keene, New Hampshire looking like fools:

Area climate change and renewable energy activists plan to hold a vigil ahead of  (Last) Thursday’s Keene City Council meeting to highlight what they say are contradictory discussions likely to take place. …

“It will be an odd juxtaposition if the City Council simultaneously affirms a commitment to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement while approving plans to install new fossil fuel infrastructure throughout the city,” Kathryn R. Eiseman, president of Pipe Line Awareness Network for the Northeast Inc., said in an email to The Sentinel.

The nonprofit group works at the state and federal levels to prevent the overbuild of fossil fuel infrastructure, including natural gas. It formed in opposition to the proposed Northeast Energy Direct pipeline project, which would have crossed a broad swath of southern New Hampshire.

Overbuild? That’s an interesting way of saying you to try to block any effort to bring in energy infrastructure that might keep the lights on when the solar panels and windmills do what they do best. Fail to meet demand without coal or natural gas backup.

A Natural Gas plant is not just a great idea for Keene; it’s Paris Accord Friendly.

Paris requires reductions in CO2. Natural Gas produces significantly less CO2 than other fossil fuels. Natural Gas power plants are one of the best ways to reduce CO2 and protect municipalities from ignorant, narrow-minded, short-sighted, knee-jerk green energy pressure groups like the Pipeline Awareness Network. Groups that want to keep electricity costs high to make their weak-kneed alternatives “competitive.”

High electricity prices are bad for small business, for jobs, for New Hampshire, and even for dopey progressive ghettoes like Hanover, Portsmouth, and Keene.

And honestly, if towns choked with ignorant liberals want to pledge allegiance to the global green movement as an ideological finger in the eye to Trump over Paris, that’s fine. It makes other towns look a lot better. But do it with the understanding that a vote for Paris is a vote for Big Oil.

If that bothers you, just lie to yourself. That’s how you get around all the other left wing contradictions and hypocrisy. Just don’t come crying when your lights go out.