NH Democrats provide perfect examples of why Trump is President

Yesterday, WMUR posted an article about how Trump voters in Claremont, New Hampshire still stand behind the President. Since it’s only 100 days in, that’s no surprise but the vitriol and hatred from the left on the Facebook post provide glaring examples of why Trump won in the first place. And for the record, Claremont is a city that is run by Democrats and has been for years.

According to WMUR, Claremont was a Democrat stronghold whose residents voted for Obama the previous two elections:

On Election Day, a city that overwhelmingly supported President Barack Obama twice went for Trump. Democratic state Rep. Ray Gagnon said he was in shock.

“Claremont, as an old industrial mill town, is going to reflect much of the nation, and it certainly did, didn’t it?” Gagnon said.

Of course in 2016, Claremont, like many forgotten cities and towns across the United States, voted for Donald Trump. Citizens voted for Obama’s ‘hope and change’ twice previously but since that didn’t work out they were hoping for something better.

One of the reasons so many people voted for Trump is due to the vitriolic hatred of the left towards anyone who disagrees with their failed policies and ideology. The comments on WMUR’s Facebook post of this article are prime examples of why Trump won and why his supporters continue to support him:

These are only a few examples of the hateful comments. These left wingers are so out of touch that they don’t yet realize, and may never realize, that their ignorant behavior is one reason why Trump won. Whether they supported crackpot Bernie Sanders or criminal Hillary Clinton doesn’t even matter, they supported two of the worst candidates in the history of presidential elections. To make the point, ponder for a moment, a reality television star beat Hillary Clinton.

If that doesn’t tell you how much Americans repudiated left wing policies and ideology, it’s not clear what will. And it seems Democrats will never learn from their mistakes. Rather than trying to entice working and middle class voters, Democrats are doubling down on their extreme left wing policies. The party has been taken over by people who abhor religious liberty, free speech, dissenting opinions, the free market, lower taxes and smaller government.

Democrats are the now party of snot-nosed elitists who think they are smarter and better than those who disagree with them. If you don’t agree with them, they will do everything they can to shut down your voice. That’s okay, it killed them in the last election, maybe it’ll finally kill their extremely hateful, intolerant and ignorant party dead once and for all and the “blue dog Democrats” can rise up again.