NH Democrats Seek to Ban Rifles for 18-20-Year-Old Granite Staters

NH Dems seek to ban rifles for law-abiding young adults.

By Kimberly Morin

Today, in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Democrats wanted to suspend the rules to introduce new gun control legislation that would ban 18-20-year-old law-abiding Granite Staters from purchasing or possessing rifles.

It seems Democrats don’t want young people to be able to protect themselves, all because of the actions of one teen-aged psychopathic murderer. Apparently, to New Hampshire Democrats, all 18-20-year-old Granite State adults should be treated like psychopathic murderers and denied their fundamental human right of self-defense to protect themselves from actual psychopathic murderers:

The New Hampshire House Democrats had the gall to call their gun ban bill “firearm safety legislation” in a release about their failure to suspend the rules:

“It saddens my heart that House Republicans voted to prevent discussion on firearm safety legislation this morning. The proposals we sought to introduce have the support of not just Democrats, but also our President and other Republican leaders throughout the country. The recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida was yet another reminder that our country’s laws have failed to protect public safety.”

The biggest “public safety” failures in the Florida killing were the government, on all levels. The government were the ones who failed to protect the public from a killer they were well aware of yet did nothing to stop. Even at the scene of the murders, the cops stayed outside while students were being murdered.

Only Democrats have seen the actual legislation but it’s clear the intent was to ban rifles from 18-20-year-old adults in the State of New Hampshire. It’s not clear how much more draconian the legislation was beyond this absolute infringement of a protected right upon this specific community.

As is always the way with gun control, it is intentionally discriminatory. Discriminatory against young adults who can be sent to fight in war; who vote; who serve jury duty; who drive 3,000-pound vehicles and who are allowed to make life-altering decisions according to the law.

It’s ironic that the same New Hampshire Democrats who don’t want 18-year old adults to protect or save their own lives are the same Democrats who believe 14-year old children can end the lives of their unborn babies without even notifying their parents.