NH Dems use Drama to Push ANTI-School Safety Gun Control

NH Senate Dems brought on the drama while pushing ANTI-school safety amendment.

By Kimberly Morin

Yesterday, in typical uninformed and ignorant Democrat fashion, Anti-school safety New Hampshire Senate Democrats tried to push a draconian gun control amendment that would have left students more unprotected than they are now all while turning law-abiding citizens into criminals. They did it as if they were a high school drama club rather than adults who have been elected to make laws that govern Granite Staters.

The amendment was brought forth by Senator Martha Hennessey who promptly embarrassed herself on the senate floor, going so far as to say that putting drug free zone signs at schools don’t make drug dealers go to the schools. In other words, she was saying that putting gun free zone signs at schools isn’t going to make criminals target those schools. Those watching were waiting for Hennessey to begin jumping up and down in “Veruca Salt” fashion at any moment.

Of course, Hennessey is 100% incorrect about gun free zones but Democrats never let facts get in the way of their emotional breakdowns. Democrats don’t seem to understand the federal Gun Free Zone Act, which has been law since 1990. Hennessey and her fellow anti-school safety Democrats would prefer students remain completely unprotected by making existing gun free zones even more gun free. That hasn’t quite worked out how these fantasy land ideologues actually believe it has:

Democrats never let facts get in the way of their feelings. Senator Lou D’Allesandro thought that yelling every few words while giving his emotional speech would somehow make other senators agree with his anti-school safety sentiments. The senate’s main drama queen, David Watters, also the senate’s only senator who boasts about his love for Authoritarianism, actually even sang part of his drama-laden speech.

What none of the senate Democrats used were facts, logic or well-thought out reasoning. Why? Because they are all gun control addicts who want to ban all firearms, including Senator Jeff ‘chicken man’ Woodburn, who claims to understand “gun culture” up in North Country. He’s the very same senator who likened all of his own constituents to criminals and murderers.

Thankfully, logic and reasoning prevailed and Republicans brought sanity to the senate floor. The State of New Hampshire does not allow local municipalities or political sub-divisions to create their own gun control laws.  Why? Because law-abiding Granite Staters would become criminals by simply crossing town lines. It would create chaos and wreak havoc to allow individual cities or towns to create their own gun control laws.

There were about two dozen students in the senate gallery along with Michael Bloomberg’s paid harpies of Everytown and Moms Demand. They will continue to abuse children and murdered students as pawns to push their draconian gun control measures all while lying to students about said gun control.

As usual, in typical anti-2nd Amendment fashion, Democrats are along for the ride. After all, Bloomberg’s out-of-state gun control money does help them during campaign season.