NH Gubernatorial Debates – A circus with plenty of clowns

Who can lead New Hampshire in the corner office? Photo by Kimberly Morin

Last night WMUR held two gubernatorial debates – one between the Republican candidates and one between the Democrat candidates. In each debate it seemed some candidates were trying to out-progressive (Democrats) or out-conservative (Republicans) each other.

Democrats were trying to see who could possibly be the farthest to the left of the others. As if that’s what New Hampshire really needs, more failed progressive policies that don’t work anywhere they are put into practice. There is years and years and thousands upon thousands of data points and statistics proving progressive policies are always a failure.

Other than Planned Parenthood of course. Planned Parenthood’s original intention was to “cull the less desirables.” To progressives, less desirables were blacks, other minorities and poor white people. It’s the only progressive program that has actually worked the way it was intended and Colin Van Ostern is their biggest supporter. He was even endorsed by Planned Parenthood of New England. Van Ostern is for abortion up until the day before a woman is due to give birth, just like Planned Parenthood.

It was Republican Chris Sununu who voted to retroactively fund the multi-million-dollar organization while on the Executive Council. He and Van Ostern apparently agree that giving New Hampshire taxpayer dollars to an organization that pays its CEO $500, 000 per year is a great way to spend their hard-earned money. There are a slew of organizations in New Hampshire that provide women the same services as Planned Parenthood other than abortion.

Forrester, Sununu and Gatsas can’t seem to tell the truth

Jeanie Forrester has long lied about being the most conservative candidate – her vote for medical welfare (Medicaid Expansion) and her ignorant love for taxpayer-funded pre-school and full-day kindergarten prove that. It’s almost amusing that she continues to make that claim. It’s also unclear why she prefers to lie to potential constituents. Of course, Sununu follows suit. If Sununu were Pinocchio, his nose would reach from the Seacoast up through North Country with the lies he’s told about being a successful businessman at Waterville Valley.

Ted Gatsas also continued his lies about Common Core. He didn’t stand up to the federal government or the state against Common Core as Manchester Mayor, does he really think anyone believes he’ll stand up to the very same people as governor? His responses were almost robotic during the entire debate. It also seems that Forrester has given up hope for the gubernatorial race and is now trying to help failed businessman Chris Sununu win by attacking Gatsas. Maybe Sununu promised her a role in his administration if he’s elected.

Democrats think New Hampshire has a “gun violence” issue so certain guns must be banned

All three of the Democrat candidates are for gun bans. Allie Morris asked a question about a make-believe firearm called an “assault weapon” and each candidate responded with gun control. They all have some perceived notion that there is a gun violence issue in a state that has been deemed one of the “Safest Places on Planet Earth.” Like current Democrat Governor Maggie Hassan, they probably hope to get out-of-state financing for their elections. There’s no other reason for their ignorance.

Every candidate running for governor (in both parties) is a career political hack with the exception of Republican Frank Edelblut. Edelblut stated it perfectly in his closing statement:

I am not a career politician. I am the only endorsed liberty and conservatives value candidate running in this race. Running for governor was not on my bucket list of things to do. I’m a job creator but for too long, we the people have not been represented in the corner office. My fellow candidates up here, they imagine that being the governor is the prize that they are after. They dream about being the governor at night. I dream about fixing New Hampshire for the people.

Before voting in the primary next week, it would behoove voters to actually look into the records of the candidates running. Most candidates will simply spew whatever nonsense it is they think voters want to hear. Meanwhile, their voting records speak volumes about their true behavior. In a circus filled with clowns, Granite Staters need to support a ringmaster, someone who can actually lead the state rather than put on a show.