NH House: Sherry Frost’s dishonest and cowardly ethics hearing

Sherry Frost marginalized NH Citizens; Is too cowardly to face her ethics hearing because of it.

By Kimberly Morin

Today a hearing was held by the New Hampshire House Legislative Committee who is looking into controversial online statements made by Democrat Representative Sherry Frost (Dover). Frost has made denigratingvulgar and violent comments towards fellow legislators since January. There were complaints but if Minority Leader Shurtleff actually told her there are standards for how state representatives behave, Frost certainly didn’t follow them.

The biggest issue that many, many people had with Frost’s outrageous behavior was when she publicly humiliated a woman who took the time out of her day to provide testimony during a committee hearing. Unfortunately for the woman, it was a committee Frost was sitting on. Political Buzz reported on the despicable treatment of a New Hampshire Citizen back in February:

What is truly ironic is that Frost not only ‘lawyered up’ but she refused to answer any questions by the committee and refused to take an Oath swearing she would tell the truth. Why? Because Frost knew she would have to answer to her horrible treatment of New Hampshire citizens. Frost is such a coward that she didn’t even bring this issue up during her pathetic statement to the committee. Not taking the oath clearly signaled she’d be lying and indeed she did. Apparently Frost isn’t really a ‘strong and independent’ woman.

Frost’s lawyer and other Democrats at the hearing pretended this was about the First Amendment. Of course, Frost isn’t actually a proponent of free speech (and neither are the other Democrats who were there supporting her), she voted against repealing the unconstitutional ‘Buffer Zone’ bill. This is the bill that the Supreme Court of the United States found to be an infringement on the First Amendment rights of Americans. Maybe Frost is only a proponent of the First Amendment when SHE is speaking.

In Frost’s written statement, which ironically, she READ to the committee, she claims the following:

I am wholly committed to advocating loudly and insistently for those who are marginalized, discounted and silenced.

Except when Frost publicly marginalizes citizens who dare to read their testimony during her committee hearings. Both Frost and Democrats know she was absolutely out of line for this abhorrent treatment of a New Hampshire woman and others but did they speak to it during the hearing? No. Instead they were completely dishonest about why Frost was actually being held accountable for her behavior.

Not only was Frost and her Democrat supporters dishonest but they actually played the ‘woman-victim’ card. The absolute hilarity of a bunch of faux feminists using the victim card after weeks of claiming Frost is a ‘strong and independent’ woman was probably lost on them. The woman who took the time out of her day to speak in front of Frost’s committee is actually a strong and independent woman; the same woman that Frost marginalized while she dared speak before the crown. These faux feminists also tried to blame Representative Victoria Sullivan for requesting the hearing (as opposed to Frost’s horrifying behavior), Sullivan who is another actual strong and independent woman who stands up for the people of New Hampshire.

The hearing was nothing but Kabuki Theater of course. The committee isn’t going to recommend anything against Frost. Why? Because she’s a woman. As pathetic as that sounds, that’s exactly what will happen. Basically, Democrats have let citizens know that it’s okay for them to be marginalized, silenced and publicly humiliated by New Hampshire State Representatives. Of course, Democrats would be outraged had a Republican treated a citizen the same way.

All employers have basic standards of behavior that employees are expected to follow. Frost works for the people of New Hampshire, they expect standards as well. The New Hampshire Legislature actually has a ‘Code of Ethics‘ set of rules which state the following:

IV. Principle of Conduct

Legislators shall treat each other, legislative employees, and the public with dignity and respect.

Apparently, Frost hasn’t bothered to read this part of the conduct expected of all elected officials. Of course, no one should have to read a book to understand these things unless you were raised under a troll bridge. Obviously she doesn’t grasp common decency when it comes to the people she works with or the people of New Hampshire, who she works for. It was clear from her dishonest statement today that she has no intentions of actually treating others with dignity and respect, unless they agree with her of course; otherwise, she may get ‘homicidal.’